18 Hollywood Stars Who Were Fired In The Middle Of Production

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The progression of movie-making of Hollywood Stars is never set in stone. There are plenty of variables that move left and right, leaving the producers and directors scrambling to get things right. And while some problems may be avoided with careful planning, there are times when changes are sudden, but for the better. One of such cases would be a change in Hollywood Stars. Maybe they can’t play the role or ultimately become unfit for the overall vision, but they are removed from the production and the role is given to someone else. And the replacement Hollywood Stars become the embodiment of the characters we know now.

Stuart Townsend Was Replaced By Viggo Mortensen In Lord Of The Rings

18 Hollywood Stars Who Were Replaced In The Middle Of Production

Stuart Townsend, a relatively new name in the industry, was cast as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, but when the filming began, he lasted only a few days. The director was quick to notice Townsend was too young Hollywood Stars to play the Strider, and the role was given to Viggo Mortenson, who gave an iconic performance.

Eric Stoltz Was Replaced By Michael J. Fox In Back To The Future

18 Hollywood Stars Who Were Replaced In The Middle Of Production

Marty McFly is an iconic character in the sci-fi scene, but the face we all know and love today may have been a different one, as Michael J. Fox initially wasn’t available for the filming due to conflicting schedule, so the role was given to Eric Stoltz. Sid Sheinberg, head of Universal, even supported this casting. Despite filming most of his scenes, Stoltz was deemed to be too dramatic and lacking the humorous flair imagined for the role, so Fox was contacted again and the scheduling conflict was worked out. Zemeckis took it upon himself to inform Stoltz of the decision and later said it was “the hardest meeting I’ve ever had in my life and it was all my fault. I broke his heart.”

Sylvester Stallone Was Replaced By Eddie Murphy In Beverly Hills Cop

18 Hollywood Stars Who Were Replaced In The Middle Of Production

Beverly Hills Cop is considered a comedy classic, but when Sylvester Stallone was cast as Axel Foley, he wanted to shift the script to be include more heroics for his character, turning Alex into a certified action figure. Such a take on the film was rejected and Stallone was replaced by Eddie Murphy, who gave the film his unique charm.

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