3 Easy Steps That Make You Master of Skin Care!

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Basic skin care 3 STEP!

Skin troubles are endless. However, our skin originally has “the power to beautify”. The main purpose of skin care is to cleanse the skin and prevent dryness and UV rays. Let’s review again and master the basics of skin care.

I will introduce 3 STEP which is the basis of skin care. For effective skin care, first follow the correct order. Let’s repeat the simple care of “washing, supplementing, and protecting” every day.

[STEP1] Basics of skin care! Cleanse your skin :

If you do not remove dirt and makeup, no matter how much beauty essence you use, it will not penetrate your skin and it will be a waste. In addition, the turnover may be disturbed. Gently but firmly drop it.

  • Don’t overdo it! cleansing

Most makeup charges these days are hard to remove. The oil content of the cleansing agent makes the makeup stand out and makes it easier to remove.

Be sure to cleanse on the day you make up. When your skin is sensitive, such as before menstruation, or when you have light make-up, use a mild one. It is also important not to spend time and not to rub strongly. As is often said, the heat of the skin on the face is about one piece of tissue paper! It’s easy to think that if makeup remains on the skin, it’s not good for the skin, but it doesn’t cause stains. You can remove the point makeup, gently spread the cleansing agent in 30 to 40 seconds, and wash it again. All you have to do is wash your face and remove it. Cleansing is a heavy burden on the skin.

  • Point makeup remover

Cleansing alone does not remove point makeup around the eyes and mouth. Let’s take care individually with the remover. “Hot water-removable” mascara is also popular, but waterproof can only be removed with a remover. High cleansing power = strong irritation to the skin, but removing it in a short time can reduce the burden on the skin.

Makeup will not remain and stains will not occur, but strong rubbing will damage the skin, which causes stains. Also, if you don’t remove the mascara properly, it will cause the eyelashes to come off.

  • Face wash

Start by whipping the face wash with clean hands. There is an image that it is better to whisk, but you do not need a lot of foam. Foam also has the effect of preventing irritation to the skin, but some foam is difficult to form, so if you are distracted by the amount of foam, your skin may become dry. The important thing is to stroke gently rhythmically. A quick wash is enough. It is also important to wipe it gently with a clean towel.

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