3 Easy Steps That Make You Master of Skin Care!

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[STEP2] Let’s moisturize the skin thoroughly :

Moisturize with lotion and supplement oil with milky lotion and cream.

  • Toner

After washing your face to cleanse your skin, moisturize it with a lotion. The appropriate amount is that the skin feels sufficiently moisturized. Use plenty of lotion. Be aware that putting with your hands or cotton can cause irritation. It is recommended to stack it on the part to be dried.

  • Beauty essence

For aging signs such as age spots, wrinkles, and sagging, add serum to your skin care. Choose the one that you can approach according to what kind of skin you have and what kind of skin you want to have.

  • Milky lotion, cream

Moisture replenished with lotion will evaporate if left alone. Emulsions and creams prevent this. Either one is OK according to the condition of the skin. Adjust the amount in the dry area and the area where you are concerned about sebum.

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