50 Interesting Things Spotted In Beautiful Nature That Are Actually Surprising

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OK, I know “mildly interesting” doesn’t sound as exciting as “nature is f**king lit” or “nature is metal” but this subreddit also features lit and metal pictures of Mother Earth.

Since its creation in 2012, Mildly Interesting has become one of the biggest communities on Reddit. It has over 18.7 million members, with thousands browsing the sub at any given moment.

As zgrnews showed in our previous article, nature is one of the most popular themes in this colorful corner of the Internet—whether it’s a random fact or a unique photo of nature, the surprises keep on coming. Continue scrolling and check out the most recent ones.

#1 This Tree That Has Grown Across The Driveway And Sprouted More Trees Off The Top

50 ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things Spotted In Nature That Are Actually Surprising (New Pics)

Spending some time in nature is really beneficial even if you come back without a cool photo to upload on MildlyInteresting. The fresh air, the sun on our skin; sometimes a short walk outside is all we need to feel refreshed and revived. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The University of Michigan, for example, conducted a study that revealed students who regularly went for a nature walk actually had a better time retaining information.

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