6 Best Universities For An MBA Degree In The USA

2) Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is another top-rated business school. Established in 1908 and located in Boston, its alumni spans across the world. Harvard is widely respected for providing top-quality education that leads to great job prospects for its graduates; their two-year MBA course entails studying multiple classes during that time.

Harvard offers seminars and workshops centered on various aspects of business, with the final two terms dedicated to an individual research project. While this MBA course offers general insights, none are specifically related to any one industry; Harvard also offers specialized MBA programs which run for one year with more focused studies in specific industries – making Harvard one of the premier institutions for an MBA education.

3) Wharton School Of The University Of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is another top-ranked business school, having opened in Philadelphia in 1881 and offering two MBA programs – one full-time and one part-time – along with a joint MBA/MPPM program tailored specifically towards public sector careers.

Wharton offers two different MBA programs; full-time and part-time are designed for people already employed, respectively. Both programs are highly selective; only accepting the top 5% of applicants.
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4) Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School was established in 1910 in New York City and boasts one of the oldest business schools in the US. Notable amongst its alumni is Columbia’s track record in getting graduates into great jobs; moreover, Columbia boasts one of the most diverse student bodies among MBA schools for women.

Columbia offers two MBA programs; both are designed to give a broad overview of business. Furthermore, Columbia also provides a two-year specialized MBA course designed specifically for one industry; these two years allow participants to hone in on a particular aspect of business with more in-depth courses for those wishing to specialize in specific areas.

5) Yale School Of Management

Established in 1931, Yale is one of the oldest business schools in the US. Situated in New Haven, Connecticut and boasting an outstanding reputation, Yale is best known for its entrepreneurial programs that encourage students to think creatively about how to launch new businesses. Their one-year MBA program doesn’t focus on any specific industry; this provides a general overview. However, Yale also offers two year specialized MBA programs which specialize in particular industries or fields for those wanting a deeper study experience in that particular industry or field of business. These top universities for an MBA programs!

Yale School Of Management
Yale School Of Management

6) Kellogg School Of Management At Northwestern University

Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is another outstanding business school, established in 1908 and located in Illinois. Kellogg is well known for its strong culture of entrepreneurship; many programs focus on encouraging creativity and innovation within its programs; its one-year MBA program also does not specialize in any particular industry.

Kellogg’s Business School also offers an MBA program designed to give students a broad introduction to business. Kellogg also offers an in-depth two year MBA specializing in specific industries for those wishing to specialize in one field of business.


Earning an MBA can be a fantastic way to advance your career. An MBA provides many advantages, from increasing career advancement and network expansion, to increased salary. An MBA provides you with the foundational knowledge of business fundamentals which could pave the way to more specialized roles down the road. Here’s our list of the top universities for earning this degree in America.

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