7 Best Pre-Exercise Food Varieties

Confounded with regards to what to eat prior to going to the gym? Specialists tell Lisa Antao the best food sources

We live during a time where individuals treat working out at the gym extremely in a serious way however in various cases, they head to their gym on an unfilled stomach either on the grounds that they have capitulated to the thought that one shouldn’t eat before an exercise or basically in light of the fact that they don’t have the foggiest idea what to eat. However, this doesn’t imply that you chow down heartily before your exercise all things considered. The key is to follow a center way for example eating right at the ideal opportunity.


Fitness master Namrata Purohit clarifies, “Practicing with a full stomach isn’t ideal hence eating at the perfect opportunity is significant. Indeed, even an unfilled stomach can occupy an individual during exercise. The significant wellspring of fuel for the body is sugar accordingly it is ideal to have something wealthy in carbs. Along these lines, one should have effectively absorbable sugars that can assist with forestalling the craving during exercise and give you energy.”

Here is a rundown of food varieties that are viewed as ideal to eat before an exercise:


Having oats is incredible before your morning exercises, when you’re running on a vacant stomach thus you can’t have a supper a few hours before your exercise. Cereal is known to settle well and furthermore an extraordinary wellspring of energy. In the event that you add a hint of organic products to your cereal, stunningly better.

Brown rice with chicken

While a greater part of individuals work out in the mornings prior to making a beeline for school or work, there are the people who hit the gym in the nights or around evening time because of time imperatives. As far as they might be concerned, having brown rice with chicken is a decent choice. Nutritionist Dr Zainab Sayed clarifies, “Brown rice is assimilated gradually and a decent wellspring of fiber and carbs while chicken is an optimal type of lean meat and protein. Subsequently, making this mix ideal before an exercise. You would need around 200 to 300 calories henceforth, you can eat around one medium size bowl of earthy colored rice (30 gm uncooked earthy colored rice) with two bits of chicken.”

Protein shakes

These are exceptionally well known among the individuals who hit the gym. Namrata says, “Protein is critical for by and large advancement of the muscles, bones and even skin. A protein shake is great on the off chance that you don’t get sufficient sum from regular sources. For competitors and individuals doing regular exercises, it is fine to have a protein shake later an exercise, yet only one out of every odd several hours.” She cautions that protein shakes can have incidental effects, for example, kidney harm. Consequently, one should counsel the specialist to know the suggested day by day portion of protein consumption.



They contain sugar and starch that give energy to the body. They are extremely wealthy in carbs. Superstar coach Sameer Purohit says, “One medium-sized banana eaten around 45 minutes to an hour prior to your exercise is for the most part to the point of keeping you going all through your exercise schedule. It resembles adding fuel to the body. In any case, every individual ought to comprehend his body and take into account his/her own body needs.”

Peanut butter sandwich/Bagel with honey

Indeed, you heard it right. Be that as it may, the stunt here is to pick entire wheat or multigrain bread for the sandwich and an entire wheat bagel all things being equal. Honey is an amazing wellspring of regular sugar for example energy. In the event that you’re pondering with regards to the carbohydrate content here, Dr Zainab tends to your anxiety clarifying, “Assuming you’re working out toward the beginning of the day then, at that point, have an brown bread peanut butter sandwich, since you have been fasting for the last eight to nine hours.”

Energy/Granola bars

Eating a pre-exercise bar implies you’ll have more saves during an exercise. “Energy bars as a rule have carbs, which is the thing that gives energy to the body. Be that as it may, ensure your energy/granola bar has least measure of fat, proteins and fiber,” says Sameer.



Curds or dahi contain calcium and proteins and a touch of regular sugar present in little amounts. Since it is kind with the stomach and the stomach related framework, it’s an extraordinary choice to devour it before a serious exercise. Adding some entire grain cereal, natural products or honey to yogurt will give you a fast jolt of energy.