Advantages Of A Cardio Exercise

Cardio wellness offers many advantages for your physical wellbeing – from reduced physical discomfort to better sexual intimacy – but one in particular is cardio wellness. It offers great opportunities for enhanced sexual cohabitation.

Cycling, Running, Moving, Climbing and Kickboxing – there is an endless number of cardiovascular activities you can engage in to enhance the quality of life.


As part of an overall heart-healthy lifestyle, regular cardio can result in both an increase in resting blood pressure and pulse rates as well as changes that decrease heart workload, according to clinical exercise physiologist Erik Van Iterson PhD MS.

As far as frequency goes, The American Heart Affiliation suggests 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity cardio every week to reap its healthful rewards.

Dr. Van Iterson suggests trying a 30-minute exercise at least five times every week that raises your pulse throughout. Or attempt three 10-minute exercises daily.

1. Brain And Joints

Cardio exercise offers many other health advantages beyond its benefits for the heart. Dr. Van Iterson describes what cardio can mean for your entire body:

Brain and Joint Health Cardio exercise can have significant benefits on brain and joint health. One review showed that regular activity could possibly lower dementia risk regardless of age. Other advantages may include:

Maintains blood flow to lower risks of stroke. Enhances memory and thinking capacity development. luttes decline in brain functioning with age. protects against Alzheimer’s sickness.
Combat osteoporosis and reduce your chances for hip fracture. Oversee joint discomfort while maintaining range of motion.

2. Skin, Muscles And Weight

No matter your fitness choice, being active helps increase circulation which results in healthier, clearer skin. But its health benefits go well beyond mere beautification!

As soon as you start exercising your muscles, oxygen supply increases, enabling them to work more actively. Over time, regular cardio practice enables your muscles to adapt to an expanded workload – eventually making regular exercises appear simpler than before!

As part of a heart-healthy nutrition plan, safe weight loss requires routine cardio exercise. Not only are you less likely to develop diseases such as diabetes, certain cancers and cardiovascular illness; your blood circulation also becomes more efficient. Incorporating physical activities into daily life helps maintain a healthy weight by increasing calorie consumption throughout the day.

3. Pancreas, Lungs And Blood

Pancreas, Lungs and Blood Your pancreas is an organ responsible for processing the food you eat into energy while assisting with its processing. Staying active helps control blood sugar, reduce bodyweight on this vital organ and lessen your chance of type 2 diabetes. Keeping active also promotes great cholesterol levels while decreasing blood fats levels.

“Physical activity can have an enormous effect on your lungs,” asserts Dr. Van Iterson. “Cardio can decrease how often and for how long you need to inhale as exercise capacity improves, which may reduce fatigue and windedness caused by persistent lung issues.

4. Sexual Function

Have you ever considered how the activities that you love actually help sexual function? It’s true — regular physical activity helps reduce erectile dysfunction risk in men while stimulating more excitement for female athletes.

One review noted that staying active helps erectile function and acts as a protective factor against issues; another investigation revealed how positive self-perception and mental wellbeing due to activity led to greater sexual prosperity among female participants.

5. Mood

Our emotions fluctuate regularly; staying active can greatly enhance your state of mind after an uncomfortable day. So whenever you find yourself experiencing anxiety or are having an off day, get up and move!

“But it does more than that: It combats discouragement, develops your confidence further and provides stress-reducing chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine,” according to Dr. Van Iterson.

6. Sleep And Energy

Exercise has an amazing way of making you feel great afterwards; actual physical exercise helps boost energy by producing endorphins which give a steady source of extra, sustained energy throughout the day. Finally, cardio helps facilitate faster napping off quicker while simultaneously increasing REM sleep quality.

“Take steps to limit vigorous physical exercise.”