Basic Cosmetics To Get Correct And Healthy Skin.

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What is basic cosmetics?

It is different from cosmetics for makeup purposes, including basic cosmetics and point makeup. Basic cosmetics are cosmetics that replenish the skin before applying make-up with insufficient nutrients and hydration to cleanse the skin, so to speak, to keep the skin clean and healthy.

In our daily lives, we unknowingly irritate and burden our skin with air pollution, stress, dryness, and fatigue. Skin care is indispensable both to prepare the skin as it should be healthy and to lay a solid foundation when applying makeup. Basic cosmetics are the basis of skin care.

For healthy skin

  • The skin has elasticity and firmness
  • Moisturizes and retains moisture
  • There is a sense of transparency and the texture is in order
  • Good blood circulation and good blood color
  • Conditions such as these are the criteria for healthy and beautiful skin.

As for the types of basic cosmetics, basic cosmetics

Cleansing that removes makeup firmly , washing the face after removing makeup and washing away dirt and excess skin oil while sleeping, moisturizer that firmly puts “moisture” that is absolutely indispensable for making beautiful skin into the skin, A milky lotion that covers the skin tightly with oil to prevent the moisture that has been put in firmly, a beauty liquid that aims to improve or improve each with an approach that responds to skin problems and skin problems, and a richer moisturizer than the milky lotion. There are creams that can be used for special care, and they have the function of cleaning the skin, moisturizing it, moisturizing it, and protecting it.

What happens if I neglect skin care?

If you neglect skin care using these basic cosmetics on a daily basis, if you leave it untreated, you will not have enough water and oil for your skin, and as a result, your skin will become dry and cause trouble. It can also lead to wrinkles, sagging, and blemishes due to their dryness.

By accurately understanding the role of each basic cosmetic, which is the basis of skin care that keeps the skin healthy and makes the skin more beautiful, we will choose more correct skin care and the one that suits you. Let’s do it.

Horrible “wrong skin care”, misunderstandings of skin care accelerate skin aging

The most frightening thing is that somehow skin care can lead to the use of skin care items that aren’t for you, or the wrong way to do it, which in turn accelerates skin aging. is!

Many people are so enthusiastic about their care that they hurt their skin with excessive care or skin care based on wrong myths and rush to the clinic.

It is actually dangerous to just get the information that comes in, such as because it is popular without knowing the correct skin mechanism, because the package is cute, because the cost is low, and so on.

For example, there are many misunderstandings about skin care, such as dry skin due to excessive careful cleansing, inflammation due to wiping cotton, and excessive expectations for the moisturizing effect of lotion, and it seems that it even accelerates aging. is.

For those who are worried about dryness and rough skin, skin condition will be improved by the right way of skin care and the right way of choosing skin care items. Let’s graduate from misunderstanding skin care and get beautiful skin so as not to “do too much”.

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