Best power banks 2021: Reviews and buying advice

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Anyone who utilizes a cell phone knows the significance of conveying a reinforcement battery pack. In any case, give looking for one a shot Amazon, say, and you’re probably going to feel overpowered by the huge number of choices. Other than the different charging specs, ports, and even links you need to consider, there are a huge load of contending brands. How are you expected to know which ones in reality satisfy their promise?  

Cheat sheet: Best power banks 2021

  • Mophie Powerstation XXL: Best generally speaking []
  • Aukey Basix Slim 10,000 mAh: Best spending choice []
  • Xiaomi 10,000mAh Mi Power Bank: Most compact []
  • Sherpa 100AC Portable Power Bank: Best for street fighters []
  • Anker Powercore+ 26800 PD: Best USB-C load with Power Delivery []

We’ve done the legwork for you, assessing a wide scope of power banks from various producers, costing various costs, and some contribution special highlights. Our testing is broad, as well, exposing the packs to true utilization (read about our testing process in detail beneath). Our picks beneath mirror a scope of requirements. (You may likewise be keen on our our gathering of USB vehicle chargers on the off chance that you invest a great deal of energy in transit.)

Updated 12/23/2020 to incorporate our audit of the OtterBox Fast Charge Qi Wireless Power Bank Premium, which offers strength, great power proficiency, and remote charging. Simply don’t anticipate a ton of ports. Look to the lower part of this article for connections to the entirety of our power bank reviews.

Best generally speaking power bank

Building on the accomplishment of the Powerstation Plus XL (our past pick for best generally power bank), Mophie’s Powerstation XXL matches its archetype in productivity, accomplishing 92.51 percent of its expressed greatest current, in addition to it’s smart, versatile, and reasonable at $69.95. It’s an easy decision suggestion in case you’re on the lookout for a reliable power source in a hurry. (Peruse our full survey of the Mophie Powerstation XXL.)

Best financial plan power bank

Aukey’s Basix Slim 10,000mAh is one the most economical power banks we’ve investigated, yet with regards to execution it positions among the main 10. With better than expected power effectiveness, a prominently convenient impression, and a $20 sticker price, this is an easy decision for your go bag. 

Most compact power bank

Xiaomi is known for creating top notch items and selling them at a moderate cost. The 10,000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro is a perfect representation of that approach, hitting all the imprints to make it our top pick for the most versatile power bank generally. With its high effectiveness, premium plan, and road cost of $28, it’s difficult to beat. Get a couple of these, toss them in your pack and bag, and fail to remember agonizing over running out of battery power while out and about. (Peruse our full audit of the Xiaomi 10,00mAh Mi Power Bank Pro.)

Best power bank for street warriors

If you invest a ton of energy out and about and esteem gadget readiness, the Sherpa 100AC makes a trusty, if expensive, buddy. Indeed, at $299.95, you’re taking a gander at a major venture. However, that gets both of you USB-C ports prepared to do quick charging speeds, two standard USB ports, a Qi remote charging cushion, a standard U.S. 110V outlet, a full supplement of links, and a clever status show and catches for controlling different elements of the pack. The actual pack can be charged in only a few hours. (Peruse our full survey of the Sherpa 100AC Portable Power Bank.)

Best USB-C power save money with Power Delivery 

Between its ability, re-energize time, charging capacities, USB-C, and the wide scope of gadgets it can charge, the Anker Powercore+ 26800 PD is certainly justified regardless of its $110 price. 

Yes, it’s large and massive. Be that as it may, having the option to rapidly finish off your telephone while journeying across The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch at the same time merits the additional weight and the price. (Read our full review of the Anker Powercore+ 26800 PD.)

Best convenient power station

There are power banks, and at that point there are power stations— behemoth chargers that pack genuine limit and offer an abundance of ports. In this class, RockPals’ 300W Portable Power Station sticks out. It brags 280 watt-hours limit, an aggregate of 10 distinct ports including four USB ports—two of which are Quick Charge 3.0 viable—a 110V AC outlet, and a 12V/8A cigarette lighter. It tends to be re-energized through AC, vehicle charger, or the discretionary 100W/60W sun oriented board accessory that RockPals likewise offers for an extra $199. (Peruse our full survey of the RockPals 300W Power Station.)

How we test

Determining whether a power bank satisfies an organization’s guarantee involves more than basically associating it to a telephone and charging. Testing battery packs is done over weeks, not days, and requires additional hardware to guarantee the batteries fill in as expected.


1. After accepting every battery pack, it’s completely energized, utilizing marker lights as a way to follow charge level.



As we utilize the DROK load analyzer to deplete the pack of power, we can test against a battery’s expressed most extreme current, and check that legitimate closure components are set up should something turn out badly during a charging meeting, (for example, a gadget drawing over the greatest amps).


By utilizing the AVHzY USB Power Meter, we can screen volts and amps, all out power throughput, and aggregate sum of time to drain a battery from full to discharge. The meter can make an Excel bookkeeping page of the whole interaction for future reference. 


3. Then, we re-energized the battery, this time utilizing the AVHzY to follow it and diagram the measure of time it takes to arrive at full charge. 


The AVHzY meter addresses a deficiency we had with our past technique with the PortaPow. Beforehand we needed to utilize a GoPro camera to follow every battery through its charge cycle, as the PortaPow screen would keep on gathering information after the battery was completely energized (stream charging is typical, and sadly meddles with our testing). 


If a battery was fit for charging through USB-C, we utilize that rather than Micro-USB.


4. The AVHzY additionally has an element inherent that checks a charging port for the entirety of its upheld charging principles. We can run that test and get a moment readout to affirm uphold for QC 3.0, for instance, without expecting to have viable telephones or gadgets on hand. 

Power source and cables
All of our tests were led utilizing a similar divider connector and, whenever the situation allows, USB-C or Micro-USB link. This was done to kill any disparities with divider connectors and link throughput.

What to search for in a convenient power bank

Without extravagant testing gear, you never really know whether you’re getting what you paid for with a battery pack. Sellers, particularly in Amazon postings, as to toss around a great deal of terms and certifications.

Here are a couple of tips to help you make a decision:

  • For those with a viable gadget, ensure the battery pack is Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, or PD guaranteed. Contingent upon your cell phone, this can have a major effect in execution. In the event that you own a QC 2.0 gadget, notwithstanding, inquire as to whether paying extra for a QC 3.0 competent pack is worth it.
  • Don’t put 100% trust in an organization’s cases of a pack having the option to charge, say, a Galaxy S8 or iPhone X multiple times over. Battery limit and effectiveness differs dependent on various variables. Understand this Macworld report on USB-C packs to study batteries and capacity.
  • Look at the specs of the battery, and guarantee that its information isn’t restricted to moderate charging like 5V/1A. The quicker the info, the quicker your battery pack rechargers, the quicker you’re prepared to hit the road.

All of our power bank reviews

Click on the connections beneath to peruse the full audits of the multitude of items we tried for this gathering. We will keep on assessing and update this article as we test more battery packs.

You may likewise be thinking about just buying Amazon’s AmazonBasic charger, as a method of setting aside cash. For this situation, be prompted: Amazon has deliberately reviewed a few models as a result of likely overheating. Amazon has gotten 53 reports of the influenced models—B00LRK8EVO, B00LRK8HJ8, B00LRK8I7O, B00LRK8IV0, B00LRK8JDC or B00ZQ4JQAA—overheating, and in one case causing substance consumes. You can discover more information at the Consumer Products Safety Commission, just as Amazon’s own recall site

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