Get Big Shoulder Muscles Quickly: The Best Exercises To Try Now!

Get ready to expand those shoulder muscles quickly! Exercise programs designed specifically to develop shoulder muscles and add some bulk can be utilized by beginners or experienced gym rats alike for quick results in building large shoulders in no time at all.

From weighted shoulder presses to lateral raises, there are various exercises designed to target various muscles in your shoulders. Each of them works different muscles within them so it is essential that you select exercises according to your own body type and goals in order to target all the necessary ones effectively and build large shoulders quickly! With proper exercises and the appropriate form, we can start seeing results almost immediately so let’s get going!

Why Shoulder Muscles are So Important

Shoulder muscles are an invaluable asset in daily activities such as lifting, carrying and throwing, as well as athletic endeavors like tennis, golf and baseball. Even without intentional exercises designed specifically to develop your shoulders, they’re constantly being used and strengthened, meaning even small amounts of exercises can help build them faster than you ever expected!

Strong shoulders can improve posture and decrease the risk of injuries to your upper body and lower back, so they may help make lifting heavy items easier for any job or hobby requiring carrying. They may also help prevent future injuries by stabilizing joints more quickly when lifting heavy objects – which in turn lowers injury risks from lifting such weighty objects.

1. Weighted Shoulder Press

Weighted Shoulder Press
Weighted Shoulder Press

The weighted shoulder press is an exercise designed to develop the anterior deltoid and the clavicular pectoralis major muscles. Perfect for beginners, as you become stronger and more advanced you can increase its difficulty by changing or adding resistance training exercises such as this one. How To Perform: Set up your rack at mid-chest height before arranging a barbell into it – which should then be lifted overhead using a lifting strap (see the instructions here for how).

Your exercise of choice could be either sitting or standing, depending on your comfort level. With your arms fully extended and using a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip, lift the barbell off its rack and hold it above your head while simultaneously keeping them extended throughout each rep as you slowly lower it over your forehead before raising back up again to complete it – three sets of 8-12 reps is typically sufficient.

2. Front Raises

Front Raises
Front Raises

Front raises are an effective way of strengthening your anterior deltoids. Although more difficult than shoulder presses, front raises are best performed once your shoulder muscles have developed some strength. To perform one: stand with feet shoulder-width apart and grasp a weighted barbell in each hand with palms facing forward, palms facing towards you – raise until arms fully extended above head then do 3 sets of 8-12 reps of this exercise.

3. Bent Over Raises

Bent Over Raises
Bent Over Raises

Bent over raises are an effective way of strengthening posterior deltoids. One of the more challenging exercises on our list, they should only be attempted after building some strength in their shoulders. To perform one yourself: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and bend at your waist with both palms facing out in order to hold a weighted barbell in both hands in front of your body until both arms are extended above your head before raising up again for three sets of 8-12 reps.

4. Lateral Raises

Lateral Raises
Lateral Raises

Lateral raises are one of the most effective exercises to strengthen and develop lateral deltoids, making for an intense workout for more experienced gym-goers. Although challenging, this move should only be attempted after having built strength in their shoulders through prior strength-building exercise sessions.

How to Perform Lateral Raises: Step with feet approximately shoulder-width apart and hold two weighted barbells with palms facing in. Raise each barbell up over your hips until your arms have fully extended above your head, performing three sets of 8-12 repetitions before resting between sets.

5. Arnold Press

The Arnold press is an effective weighted shoulder exercise designed to target both lateral and medial deltoids. As this movement requires more strength than some of the other exercises on our list, it should only be undertaken by experienced lifters.

How to Perform the Arnold Press: Start by standing with feet about shoulder-width apart and grasping weighted barbells in each hand with arms at sides, palms facing in towards each other. Raise each weighted barbell over your head until your arms have fully extended above head – 3 sets of 8-12 reps is suggested for best results.

Benefits of Developing Big Shoulder Muscles

Strong shoulders can help improve your posture, reduce the risk of injuries in your upper body and lower back, make you appear more athletic, and help make daily tasks simpler. A set of powerful shoulders may also make daily activities less taxing.

Your shoulder muscles can make life much simpler when carrying groceries or lifting heavy objects at work; having strong and developed shoulder muscles will make these tasks much simpler. Strong and muscular shoulders also contribute to looking more proportionate and balanced if you have an ample midsection – they help make your upper body appear proportionately stronger and athletic.


Shoulder muscles are an indispensable asset to daily tasks like lifting, carrying, and throwing. Furthermore, strong shoulders can improve posture while decreasing injuries in your upper body and lower back.

Are You Looking to Increase Strength in Your Shoulders? If that is your aim, here are the best exercises and forms to do it quickly and begin seeing results quickly. So get ready to build those big shoulders for more athletic and leaner posture! So start building those big shoulder muscles now to achieve results more quickly!

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