40+ Celebrities Forgotten From The Past

Movie and television actors, famous personalities, well-known people – they used to be featured in newspapers and movie billboards, and everyone would chat about them; they had a large following of admirers that stayed up to date with their lives. Nevertheless, they faded from the public eye and their names were soon forgotten. Now, what are they up to? Where are they living? How old are they? And, importantly, how do they appear after such a long period?

We have assembled 40 famous people to transport you through time. Are you prepared to leave?

1. Robert Fuller

Robert Fuller
Robert Fuller

Leonard Leroy Lee, more famously known as Robert Fuller, was born in 1933 in New York. His mother, Betty Simpson, was a professional dance instructor, and his friends bestowed him with the alias of ‘Buddy Lee’. His acting career has been long-standing and very successful, as evidenced by the accolades he has collected, such as the Best Actor Award in Japan in 1961, or the 5 Ottos, which are the German counterpart of the Emmy Awards.