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Samsung Location bar

As many Samsung users know, the toolbar is the essential instrument that encourages consistent gadget route. Luckily, despite the fact that some think that its somewhat mind boggling, you can undoubtedly modify the toolbar area for Samsung just as the catch request as indicated by preference.

With the toolbar, you can advantageously set the bar to exemplary style, reshuffle the catch request or conceal it totally. This additionally implies you can mess with the formats and make anything you desire to improve the route experience.

The question is: How would you be able to modify the toolbar area for Samsung Notes and appreciate the magnificent experience that the gadget offers? It’d be intriguing to decide definitely how this can be done.

Let’s discover out.

Learn to Use the Soft Buttons to Hide the Samsung Notes Toolbar

Hide the Samsung Notes Toolbar

Have you noticed that each time you turn on your telephone, and the screen lights up, you have the delicate toolbar catches showing up at the screen’s base segment? Why, the catches are initially set to default in this example: “Resets,” “Catch,” “Home,” and “Back Button.”

Even thus, the catch capacities can generally change contingent upon the application you’re right now utilizing. It can likewise change as indicated by the use climate. In addition, you can “use applications” or “view documents” on a bigger screen by concealing the toolbar.

How would you be able to do this?

  1. Go to “settings app.”
  2. “Launch” the app.
  3. Click on “Display.”
  4. Tap “Route Bar.”
  5. Click on “Buttons.”
  6. Then “Catch Layout.”
  7. Go to “Shroud Navigation Bar” and select your favored pattern.
  8. “Open” the app.

At this point, the toolbar will consequently cover up. To show it, you can swipe up beginning from the lower part of the screen.

  1. You  may likewise utilize this method:
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. “Display.”
  4. Then “Route Bar.”
  5. Click on “Full-Screen Gestures.”

Thus, the toolbar will cover up; all things considered, the “Signal Demos” will show. It shows how the “Return,” “Go to Home Screen,” and “Open Recents” work.

How to Change the Toolbar Location for Samsung Notes

Essentially, the Samsung Notes toolbar is intended to encourage all route issues with your cell phone. Customarily, the route catches are planned as the default format. It’s generally situated in the lower part of the screen.

Assuming that you need to have a Full-Screen plan, you can change the design and make it “Full Gesture.” Using this element, you’ll need to swipe up the catches each time you work. Accordingly, you may swipe up the lines or hide the component utilizing these “Signal hints.”

 Follow this procedure:

  1. Go to “Settings App”
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Click “Display.”
  4. Scroll down and click on “Route Bar.”
  5. Tap “Route Buttons” or “Full Screen Gestures.”


  1. Go to “Board Tab.”
  2. Scroll down the screen (top to bottom).
  3. Access “Brisk Panel.”
  4. Locate “Route Bar.”
  5. Turn it “Off” and “On.”

How to Change the Appearance of “Snappy Settings Panel” on Your Phone

Quick Settings Panel

The Galaxy Note is interesting since it offers clients a plenty of control choices. Besides, the manner in which the telephone is planned implies that these choices are promptly accessible on the gadget toolbar and, consequently, accessible.

You can utilize the Samsung Notes “Brisk Settings board” to get to a few capacities without an issue. For example, you can mute the telephone’s sound or turn on the Airplane Mode with this feature.  Moreover, you can rearrange the buttons or change the request as you please.

However, note that the current screens and settings regularly shift contingent upon the telephone model, programming adaptation, or administration provider.

Follow this simple method in the event that you wish to change the catches’ structure as organized on your telephone. The preferred position is that you can have your number one easy routes appearing first. In addition, the individuals who routinely utilize the telephone’s spotlight or use it to associate with WiFi will discover this helpful.

  1. Use two fingers to “swipe down” the screen from the top.
  2. Click on “More Options” (locate this on three vertical dots).
  3. Tap on “Catch Order”
  4. “Touch and Hold” to move a button.
  5. Drag the catch to your favored position.
  6. When completed, click “Done.”

Methods to Access the Settings for “Snappy Settings” 

Generally, when you tap a Quick Setting icon, the symbol naturally triggers the advantageous highlights. Thus, at that point, how might you access the settings for these features?

  1. Go to the “Snappy Settings” Panel.
  2. Open the board by swiping down, beginning from the screen top.
  3. Under this symbol, click on the “Component’s Name” (model: to get to the settings for the spotlight, tap “Flashlight”).

The settings menu will show up consequently (now and then, it very well might be important to tap on “Subtleties” to get to the “full settings page”). A few settings like WiFi may not show up once the component (WiFi) turns off.

Customizing the Samsung Notes Toolbar with the Quick Shortcuts Feature

 Samsung Notes Toolbar

Samsung will in general support the utilization of “motion route frameworks” with their advanced gadgets. All things considered, you can have better route frameworks by making steps to customize them and join more moves. For example, you can add extra buttons to take screenshots, cut down the notification center, and do other things.

You can follow these means to redo the toolbar on your Samsung device:

  1. Download the “Custom Navigation Bar” (either an in-application purchase or free on Play Store).
  2. “Install” the Bar.
  3. Swipe through “arrangement screen.”
  4. Click on “Award utilizing PC”.
  5. Connect the gadget to your PC.
  6. To check the association, type “adb devices.”
  7. Once the terminal distinguishes the gadget, type “adb shell.”
  8. Tap “Enter.”
  9. Copy the accompanying order, gluing into the terminal window:

 pm award xyz.paphonb.systemuituner android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

  1. To award “ADB consent,” click “Enter.”
  2. Launch this application into your gadget, and do “a similarity” test.
  3. Click on the bolt at the base to check the “arrangement accuracy.”
  4. Tap the “Route Bar” to tweak it to inclination or select a most loved theme.

You would now be able to appreciate the brisk alternate ways and investigate different features.

To “uninstall” the app,

  1. Go to the “App.”
  2. Disable the “Custom Navigation Bar.”
  3. “Uninstall.”


The capacity to modify the toolbar area and related highlights to inclination is a great trademark that improves the general client experience. Figure out how to alter the Samsung Notes toolbar highlights for an awesome, paramount experience that will stay scratched at the forefront of your thoughts for long.