Challenge: DL Bracket Challenge is Back for 2021 – Win a Pair of…

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2021 is going to be another long, intense year for so many, yet on the off chance that there is one occasion that can help present to us all of us piece of bliss a long time, it a without for a question the ferocity of a NCAA b-ball competition. Subsequent to dropping a year ago’s competition because of COVID, the NCAA is giving it a shot is and that implies we are also. The a back!for 2021Like we have done DL Bracket Challenge is such countless years, the

possibility for everybody to get in on the competition activity, aimlessly pick victors DL Bracket Challenge is a each game and round (or act like your picks took thought), and afterward ideally leave with marvelous prizes.forFor this year, we’re parting with for pair of Nest Audio speakers, so you can transform your home into

musicabooming sound system monster. We’ll even allow you to pick the colors.aOur – free

everybody to enter and we have directions Bracket Challenge is you below.forContestforESPN Group


Password: newDL2021Droid Life 2021
Prize:  Winner brings home

pair of Nest Audio speakers.How to entera:


  1. freeis. (Should be in the US, where we can send the prize.) Join the Droid Life bunch from above (make an ESPN account in the event that you need to).Fill out your section and submit before the “Round of 64” games start Friday morning (March 19).
  2. There are games Thursday, yet you actually have until Friday before you should be entered.
  3. Winner with the most elevated complete focuses following the NCAA Championship
  4. our winner.
  5. We use ESPN and their scoring framework, alongside their sudden death round system.isThis
  6. “the champ brings home all the glory” competition.
  7. Two rulesis a:

We utilize the “Bolted” setting, which implies you can’t trade out sections once the opposition starts.We just permit 1 passage for each person.

  1. Winner
  2. :

On the early daytime following the NCAA Championship game, which happens on April 5, we’re asking that the victor email us

. When that occurs, we have approaches to confirm the victor. We need to do this in light of the fact that ESPN removed all informing implies from their foundation. Sadly, the entirety of the other NCAA Tourney choices will not work any better.Feel allowed to welcome your loved ones – the more rivalry, the better time we have.Good karma, all!



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