Beautiful Couple Proposed To Each Other By Accident During This Photoshoot

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Life is full of amazing, surprising, and sweet moments like propose your loved ones. We remember them for the rest of our life. However, sometimes the proposal is even more special. Like in the case of Savi and Sharath. Savi organized a couples photoshoot for them with a photographer named Miranda. Savi was planning to take the next step and propose during the shoot.

However, soon the story took a turn and Miranda got a message from Sharath, saying he was planning on proposing during the photoshoot as well. Miranda told them both when to propose and hoped that it would work out and that they would propose to each other at the same time!

The photographer Miranda shared her story

The photographer shared the story of the adorable couple: “This is Savi and Sharath! They have been together for over 2.5 years but recently were separated for 6 months due to Covid-19 and long-distance dating. They both knew they wanted to get married, but never had the chance for a special proposal. Savi planned to propose to Sharath a few days after they were reunited. She wanted a beautiful arrangement with flowers and candles on a viewpoint. All Sharath knew was that he was coming for a regular couples shoot and completely unaware of Savi’s plan.”

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