Dungeon of the Endless Arrives on Android

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Dungeon of the Endless, a very well known Dungeon- Defense game that has been accessible on shifting stages since 2013, is presently accessible for cell phones. The Apogee in its name alludes to the consideration of every one of the five DLCs for the game, so Android and iOS are getting treated to the complete DOTE insight at launch.

I haven’t played this game myself, yet the story sounds captivating. So, you have an enormous jail populace and team that has smashed on a once occupied planet of a group known as the Endless. Upon appearance, you understand that the remains you stumble over are intended to annihilate you and the player should construct a group, prepare said group, acquire new capacities, and essentially attempt to endure while the planet attempts to murder you.

As I referenced, this release includes each of the five DLCs for the game, in addition to this adaptation has been changed to play better on cell phones. You get all of this for just $5. Not terrible at all.

Have at it.

Google Play Link ($4.99)

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