Everything You Need to Know About skin care.

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What kind of physiological function does it have?

Also, how does skin care supplement the unbalanced function?

  • Moisture retention function

It works to retain moisture on the surface and inner surface of the skin.

  • Sebum renewal and metabolic function

It works to facilitate the replacement of new and old skin.

  • Exocrine function

It is a function that secretes sweat and skin to the surface to form a protective film.

  • Defensive function

It works to prevent external stimuli, foreign substances and ultraviolet rays from entering the skin.

  • Pigment formation function

It works to create melanin pigment inside the skin.

  • Blood circulation function

It is a function that nourishes the skin and regulates the temperature of the skin.

If these six functions are well-balanced, you can maintain beautiful and healthy skin, but external stimuli and stress will inevitably upset this balance.

If it becomes unbalanced, unstable weak skin and aging signs such as wrinkles, sagging, and age spots will appear.

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