Fascinating Facts About Dubai That Will Surprise You Even More

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Facts About Dubai : Information About Dubai bears the reputation for having an opulent way of living, towering skyscrapers and remarkable edifices. Despite this perception, there exist some captivation details about Dubai that several people are oblivious to. Commencing with the fact that it embraces within its borders the largest indoor theme park worldwide – IMG Worlds of Adventure- which boasts multiple awe-inspiring rides such as roller coasters and a haunted hotel experience.

What’s fascinating about Dubai is its police force that distinguishes itself with luxury sports cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris in order to oversee traffic laws while driving on the city’s highways. Also, notable are Dubai’s impressive landmarks including man-made wonders such as Palm Jumeirah; an artificial island created into a palm tree design compounded by prestigious hotels and resorts located therein.

Dubai serves as a center for global commerce and transactions. Due to its advantageous location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, it is an optimum setting for entrepreneurial ventures. Moreover, Dubai International Airport holds the title of being the most frequented airport by international passengers worldwide – further adding to its status as a hub for business endeavors on a global scale.

As a final observation, Dubai stands out as an exceptional metropolis that perpetually stuns visitors with its inventive undertakings and opulent way of life. From indoor amusement parks to haute couture police vehicles and artificial islands, there is always some novel spectacle awaiting discovery in this dynamic city.

1. There Are ATMs That Dispense Gold Bars

There Are ATMs That Dispense Gold Bars
There are ATMs that Dispense Gold Bars

Did you know that there’s an ATM in Dubai Mall that dispenses 24-carat gold? Yes, you read that right! This unique ATM, called “Gold and Go,” offers customers a range of gold bars, coins, and even wearable jewelry. All you need to do is make a selection and pay with cash or credit card, and the machine dispenses your order. “Gold and Go” has become quite popular among both locals and tourists and needs to be refilled with gold at least twice a week.

2. Alcohol Consumption Is Limited

Alcohol Consumption Is Limited
Alcohol Consumption Is Limited

In Dubai, drinking alcohol is strictly regulated due to religious beliefs. Non-Muslims are the only ones who drink, and tourists are allowed to consume it only if it is bought from licensed establishments such as hotels, bars, and restaurants. Drinking in public places, including beaches, is considered highly inappropriate, and you could face serious consequences.

It is crucial to be cautious about your alcohol consumption since Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy for public drunkenness and driving under the influence. Even tourists must have a special license to purchase alcohol from a store. Nonetheless, you can buy alcohol from the airport and bring it back to your hotel. While the rules may seem harsh, Dubai is famous for having some of the finest quality alcohol globally.

3. You Can Get Some Of The World’s Most Expensive Cellphones

You Can Get Some Of The World's Most Expensive Cellphones
You Can Get Some Of The World’s Most Expensive Cellphones

Understanding the wealth gap present amongst Dubai’s upper echelon can prove perplexing for those outside this social sphere. Despite smartphones being ubiquitous in our lives, even today’s most advanced iPhones fall short of the grandeur favored by many residents in Dubai. Unlike typical handsets, custom-made and extravagantly priced smartphones appear to be more abundant here than any other region known to us.

4. Dubai Is Growing At An Extremely Fast Pace

Dubai Is Growing At An Extremely Fast Pace
Dubai is Growing at an Extremely Fast Pace

Dubai’s rapid growth has raised concerns among economists about potential financial and housing collapse in the future. The city boasts the third-highest number of skyscrapers globally, the second-biggest mall, and a growing population. The sustainability of such growth remains a topic of interest.

The metro system, completed in 2009, is an impressive feat, featuring 42 stations and built in just 18 months. Although initially known for its oil reserves, Dubai now relies heavily on tourism and commodity trading to generate revenue.

5. Texting And Driving Is More Common Than You’d Hope

Texting And Driving Is More Common Than You'd Hope
Texting and Driving Is More Common Than You’d Hope

Dubai is a bustling metropolis that attracts various businesses and commerce; nonetheless, the manner in which people drive differs from other areas. Regrettably, distracted driving remains an unfortunate commonality when it comes to car accidents within Dubai and UAE as a whole. It’s predominantly young drivers who use their phones recklessly while on the road for activities such as social media access or texting – they are mostly at fault.

A group of American University students pledged against cell phone usage whilst driving back in 2018 with hopes of curbing fatalities; but even then this menace continues unabatedly despite these efforts.In any case one should always exercise caution when crossing roads irrespective of location..

6. Matchmaking Is Still Done Through The Newspaper

Matchmaking Is Still Done Through The Newspaper
Matchmaking Is Still Done Through the Newspaper

In the event that you are among those who dwell in Dubai and sense enervation from utilizing dating apps or online services, there is an alternative course of action to consider. The classified section incorporated within your subscribed newspaper might prove efficacious with regard to locating genuine affection. This particular method — which once dominated prior to Craigslist’s or OkCupid’s inception — continues its legacy within select nations worldwide today.

Individuals residing in Dubai along with their parents or designated matchmakers may publish a personal advertisement disclosing relevant information about themselves as well as preferred partners via the aforementioned source cited earlier hereinabove. Parties interested shall be free-to-communicate using contact details at bottommost portion of advert posted thereby forming foundations for potential partnerships through intermediaries such as employed appraisers/parents/service providers/matchmaking professionals likewise permitted by this process’ workings et cetera ad infinitum!

7. Fireworks Are A Big Deal

Fireworks Are A Big Deal
Fireworks Are a Big Deal

Dubai has achieved several remarkable world records, one of which was accomplished on New Year’s Eve in 2014. The city launched the most extensive fireworks display in the world, consisting of almost 500,000 shells deployed over a six-minute period. The display was meticulously planned for months and executed with shells fired from multiple launching spots located on the “World Islands,” a cluster of man-made islands off the coast of Dubai. The previous record was held by Kuwait, with a little over 70,000 fireworks fired within a single hour.

8. Home Of The World’s Biggest Automated Car Park

Home Of The World's Biggest Automated Car Park
Home of the World’s Biggest Automated Car Park

The utilization of contemporary technology has the capability to furnish us with benefits as well as drawbacks. It possesses the power to streamline our daily routines and amplify efficiency; nevertheless, it also holds potential for diminishing human interaction and causing job displacement through mechanization.

Amongst these innovations lies automated car parking which is a conspicuous trend in Dubai’s Emirates Financial Towers complex since their establishment houses one of the largest robotic car parks worldwide that can hold over 1,000 automobiles.

9. Marriage Is Taken Very Seriously

Marriage Is Taken Very Seriously
Marriage Is Taken Very Seriously

Sharia law values the importance of a legitimate marriage and strongly disapproves of unwarranted divorce. The conditions for a couple to legally terminate their marriage are precise, and even then, there may be severe outcomes associated with such a choice. Hence, in Dubai, Muslim couples who wish to end their marriage are recommended to consult a marriage counselor or seek reconciliation before making a final decision. This approach seems practical and sensible, regardless of your location.

10. Next Level Public Transportation

Next Level Public Transportation
Next Level Public Transportation

The upcoming era of transportation is autonomous vehicles. Even though they are not currently widespread for individual use, in Dubai, these autos perform as communal transit. The mammoth Dubai Metro structure stretches over almost 46 miles and works minus operators; thus ensuring that individuals who cannot afford a car can still experience luxury transport services efficiently. It’s apparent that independent public transportation with self-driving mechanisms has become an actuality now.

11. Sleeping With The Fish

Sleeping With The Fish
Sleeping With the Fish

When organizing a vacation, among the initial tasks is to secure a place to stay. If Dubai is on your must-visit list, you might want to consider the Atlantis underwater suites. These suites, Neptune and Poseidon, are fully submerged below the Persian Gulf’s waters, providing you with a breathtaking ocean view. You can even sleep with marine life swimming by your walls. Splurge on this unique experience during your trip to Dubai.

12. Dubai Knows How To Party

 Dubai Knows How To Party
Dubai Knows How to Party

Dubai might not seem like the obvious spot for an epic clubbing scene, especially with its predominantly Muslim population. However, Dubai is anything but ordinary or predictable. In 2013, Dubai broke the world record for the longest club DJ session relay. The session lasted a little over 4 hours and required 119 DJs to take turns on the stand to complete it. Each DJ mixed one record, entertaining the local party-goers who were looking for a good time.

13. Smelling The Flowers

 Smelling The Flowers
Smelling the Flowers

Dubai could soon rival Texas in terms of size as it boasts the tallest building in the world and holds numerous Guinness world records. One of its most notable spectacles is the world’s largest flower structure, a life-size sculpture of an Emirate Airbus A380 crafted entirely out of flowers.

14. You Can Literally Have Gold For Dessert

You Can Literally Have Gold For Dessert
You Can Literally Have Gold for Dessert

If you’re acquainted with the classic tale of King Midas, you’ll recall his desire to transform everything he touches into gold. At first, he relished in his newfound wealth, but ultimately starved to death as even his food turned to gold and was inedible.

Interestingly, it seems King Midas never had the pleasure of visiting Scoopi Café in Dubai. This café serves the world’s most expensive ice cream, made with real gold. Served in a lavish Versace bowl and enjoyed with a golden spoon, this luxurious dessert is truly one-of-a-kind.

15. Chain, Chain, Chain

Chain, Chain, Chain
Chain, Chain, Chain

Dubai’s penchant for gold is evident from the fact that it houses the largest gold market globally, along with gold ATMs. The Dubai Gold & Jewelry Group holds the world record for creating the longest gold chain, which is made up of 22K gold and spans over 18,116 ft. To put this into perspective, it is as long as 78 Boeing 747s lined up nose to tail!

16. Zippity-Doo!


Dubai presents a thrilling escapade to individuals who are enthusiasts of extreme sports. The longest zip-line in the world, which is situated in this city, stretches for 1.7 miles and surpasses the Golden Gate Bridge’s length criterion. This urban structure permits adventurers to glide above Dubai’s marina at an electrifying pace of ninety miles per hour (90mph).

Even if you have experience base jumping or paragliding from dangerous heights on remote corners worldwide, be rest assured that there will always be something new and exciting to explore amidst your adventuresome experiences within Dubai!

17. Golden Facials Are Real

Golden Facials Are Real
Golden Facials Are Real

Facial treatments using luxury spa treatments have been around for quite some time. The trend of incorporating the earth’s flora and fauna to maintain one’s youth is becoming increasingly popular.

Using a golden mask in facial treatments is one such trend. While beauty product stores may offer gold-colored beauty masks, the actual percentage of gold in those masks is negligible. Dubai, on the other hand, takes this trend to the next level by offering a full facial with a 24K gold mask at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray spa.

18. Living In 3D

Living In 3D
Living in 3D

Do you recall a time when the emergence of 3D printers captivated everyone’s attention? Previously, individuals marveled at seeing liquified plastic transformed into toys and miniature objects. Nevertheless, these devices quickly expanded to more pragmatic uses.

A prime illustration would be Dubai’s inaugural commercial building printed via cement printer within merely 17 days; it was then assembled in just two additional days. Even though this accomplishment is remarkable, keep in mind that it doesn’t inherently solve housing scarcity issues.

19. You Can Get A Lava Shells Massage

You Can Get A Lava Shells Massage
You Can Get a Lava Shells Massage

The newest trend in massage therapy is the use of lava shells. These shells are distinct from the typical hot stones that are sometimes used in massage therapy. With lava shells, heat can be emitted for up to an hour, which results in a unique and amazing massage therapy session.

The shells are treated in a special way that enables them to absorb heat and minerals, which can offer relief from stress and pain. While this type of treatment is not widely available at all spas, it is readily available in Dubai for a price of up to $200.

20. Watering The Desert

Watering The Desert
Watering the Desert

Fountains are widely recognized as popular landmarks in many destinations worldwide. Examples of these iconic fountains include the Bellagio fountain in Vegas, the Montjuïc fountain in Barcelona, and the Trevi fountain in Rome. These fountains attract a significant number of tourists daily.

However, the Dubai Fountain located in the Burj Khalifa Lake surpasses them all. This remarkable fountain boasts a fully choreographed water system that features two shows per day. It is the largest show of its kind worldwide and can be viewed from anywhere near the manmade lake.

21. Readers’ Paradise

 Readers' Paradise
Readers’ Paradise

Within the vibrant city of Dubai lies a bibliophile’s utopia, known as the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library. The innovative design replicates that of an open book- a remarkable and inimitable idea which intrigues even non-literary aficionados.

With its impressive collection spanning seven levels, consisting of hundreds-of-thousands beloved books and volumes,it is nothing short of every reader’s aspiration.In fact stepping inside this treasure laden library will ignite your deep affection for all things literary; one visit just won’t be enough!

22. Dubai Was Founded In 1883

Dubai Was Founded In 1883
Dubai Was Founded in 1883

Tracking back to June in 1833, Dubai was a minuscule fishing hamlet that has come an exceptionally long way since then. The bustling metropolis of contemporary times is the ultimate upshot of eight hundred individuals belonging to Bani Yas tribe arriving during the decade spanning from 1970-1980s. Exponential growth yielded stable population numbers yielding at twenty thousand citizens by nineteen thirties despite ordinary outset conditions. In recent history, i.e.,1990s; tourism revolutionized Dubai morphing it into diverse metropolitan with people hailing throughout various ethnicities and cultures across the globe!

23. They Have A Happiness Minister

They Have A Happiness Minister
They Have a Happiness Minister

Dubai, a constituent of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is among six emirates that make up this union. Of notable interest to many observers worldwide perhaps is that UAE holds an extraordinary and exclusive position globally, which includes designating specifically one minister responsible for enhancing happiness standards solely amongst its citizens.

This forward-thinking initiative could certainly serve as an innovative example to other nations around the globe seeking solutions towards achieving greater levels of contentment within their populations too!

24. You Can See The Palm Jumeirah From Space

You Can See The Palm Jumeirah From Space
You Can See The Palm Jumeirah From Space

The Palm Jumeirah has been a topic of prior discussion, regarded as one of Dubai’s most notable accomplishments. Despite its palm-shaped islands created by man, the region holds more secrets than meets the eye – from an astronaut perspective to be precise. As substantiated by this snapshot taken from space, these magnificent isles are visible even beyond our atmosphere!

25. Most Guinness World Records In Mena

Most Guinness World Records In Mena
Most Guinness World Records in Mena

Dubai is renowned for its record-breaking feats, and you may have already heard about it. The UAE holds more than 400 Guinness World Records, with Dubai contributing to a whopping 60% of those. The Miracle Garden, a stunning attraction, has set three records, while the Burj Khalifa, an architectural marvel, boasts of eleven.

Dubai has also set some bizarre records that are hard to imagine, such as the longest underwater live radio broadcast and the most people to parachute from a balloon simultaneously. Nonetheless, they seem to know what they’re doing.

26. Dating In Dubai

 Dating In Dubai
Dating in Dubai

The city of Dubai exhibits a male-dominated gender ratio, with 2.3 males for every individual who identifies as female. Public records from the year 2019 attest to this discrepancy; however, what causes it remains an enigma. One potential consequence that might ensue is making romantic pursuits more challenging for men residing in the metropolis.

27. The Gold In Dubai Weighs More Than 300 Elephants

The Gold In Dubai Weighs More Than 300 Elephants
The Gold in Dubai weighs More Than 300 Elephants

Dubai’s profound affinity for gold is irrefutable, as proven by the mind-boggling quantity of precious metal that changed hands in 2013. Statistics suggest a staggering $70 billion worth of this treasured yellow substance was traded, measuring up to an astounding weight of 2,250 tonnes or rather approximately 2.25 million kilos.

To provide context on just how much gold we’re talking about here- picture it weighing precisely the same amount as three-hundred and fifty-four colossal African elephants combined!

28. Not Only In Hollywood

Not Only In Hollywood
Not Only in Hollywood

Stunts are typically associated with Hollywood, but in Dubai, they seem to be a common sight. People balance themselves on cars and jeeps, turning the roads into their playground. So, if you spot someone hanging out on a car with just one hand grabbing onto the frame, don’t be alarmed. It’s a norm in Dubai.

29. Time Differences In The Burj Khalifa

Fuel Is Cheaper than Water
Time Differences in the Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is a remarkable building that has garnered a lot of attention, and it’s worth discussing it again and again. It stands at a height of half a mile, with over 150 floors that are primarily used for residential purposes. However, something intriguing to note is that those living above the 149th floor enjoy more sunlight than their counterparts in Dubai. During Ramadan, this means they have to wait longer for sunset before they can break their fast.

30. Fuel Is Cheaper than Water

Fuel Is Cheaper than Water
Fuel is Cheaper than Water

Dubai has experienced a significant drop in petrol prices since the collapse of oil prices. As per “The National,” petrol has become incredibly affordable, even cheaper than some of the most basic products like water. Unlike other places where high gas prices are a norm, Dubai’s situation is quite different.

31. An Agency To Keep Animals Safe

An Agency To Keep Animals Safe
An Agency to Keep Animals Safe

Abu Dhabi, the capital of Dubai, is a highly urbanized area, nevertheless, the residents of Dubai are still concerned about the welfare of their animals. The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) has been dedicatedly preserving the country’s biodiversity for more than 40 years. They accomplish this by supervising specific regions and promoting awareness. This is truly heartwarming!

32. Human-Made Landscapes

 Human-Made Landscapes
Human-Made Landscapes

Dubai is home to several manmade islands. Two of these islands, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali, are designed to resemble palm trees, which is quite impressive from an aerial perspective. However, the islands are not yet fully developed as constructing an island is no easy feat. The World Islands Project, which involves the creation of 300 small islands forming a world map, is still in progress.

The project aims to feature every country, region, and notable landmark as an island. The World Islands Project encountered financial difficulties in 2008, causing a temporary halt. The cost of the islands was estimated to be $13 billion when the project began in 2005. Although the project is still ongoing, only a few islands have been completed to date. Nonetheless, we may one day witness the incredible project in its entirety.

33. Largest Aquarium In The World

Largest Aquarium In The World
Largest Aquarium in the World

Dubai seems to have it all, including the largest mall with 1200 stores spanning over 1,124,000 square meters. At the mall’s ground level, you’ll find the Dubai Aquarium, which boasts the title of the world’s largest indoor aquarium, complete with the largest acrylic aquarium panel according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The aquarium offers various attractions like the glass-bottomed boat ride, which gives you a chance to view over 33,000 aquatic creatures. For the adventurous ones, there’s cage diving where you can swim with the sharks. The aquarium is surrounded by other impressive features, such as the world’s largest candy store, Candylicious, spread over 10,000 square feet, and an Olympic-sized ice skating rink.

34. Gold Machine

 Gold Machine
Gold Machine

When you approach a vending machine, you usually think of grabbing a soda or a packet of chips. But, some places are taking vending to the next level. As vending machines keep expanding, the possibilities seem to be endless. For instance, you can find vending machines in Japan that dispense everything from umbrellas to puppies. One of the most extravagant vending machines out there is in Dubai.

This luxurious vending machine dispenses authentic 24-carat gold to anyone who approaches it with cash or credit. Buyers can choose from solid gold bars to 2.5 grams of gold in varying amounts. Since the price of gold is constantly changing, the prices at this machine also vary. A computer inside the vending machine updates the prices of each gold item every ten minutes. Can you imagine going to a vending machine for a cold drink and returning with a solid gold bar? It can only happen in Dubai!

35. Recent Growth

Recent Growth
Recent Growth

The city of Dubai has undergone a phenomenal metamorphosis within the last ten years. In case you were to juxtapose an image from today with one taken just several years past, it would be evident how incomparable they are.

Where there was hitherto only barren desert wasteland exists now a thriving hub comprising dwelling zones, verdant gardens, stunning water features that impress by their grandeur and majestic man-made islands along with numerous towering skyscrapers that adorn the skyline in splendor unmatched before this era. Indeed, what is remarkable is how rapidly locations can transform themselves into living breathing urban centers pulsating at every turn!

36. Fashionable Ambulances

Fashionable Ambulances
Fashionable Ambulances

Dubai’s ambulances are renowned for their exceptional speed and reliability. They are so efficient that they often use sports cars for emergency services. You can rest assured that if you ever need to be transported to a hospital, you will arrive there promptly. Additionally, Dubai’s ambulances are not your usual dull-looking emergency vehicles. Instead, they are equipped with a touch of class and style that sets them apart from the rest.

37. The World’s Highest Tennis Court Is In Dubai

The World’s Highest Tennis Court Is In Dubai
The World’s Highest Tennis Court is in Dubai

This tennis court is not your ordinary one as it sits atop a 1,000-foot-tall building! The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai boasts a green roof that also functions as a tennis court.

Tennis legends Andre Agassi and Roger Federer were invited to play a match before the Dubai Duty-Free Men’s Open, making it quite a feat for those afraid of heights. While the court is not commonly used, it remains a remarkable place to witness a game. However, it is crucial to be vigilant of your surroundings while being in this unique venue.

38. Luxury Bus Stations

Luxury Bus Stations
Luxury Bus Stations

Dubai is known for its luxurious vibe, with opulence being evident in everything from police cars to shopping malls to bus stops. While bus stops may not seem like a big deal, they are actually closed off from the elements and air-conditioned, making them an important safety feature in a city with intense heat.

Dubai can reach unimaginably high temperatures due to being surrounded by desert, with highs sometimes exceeding 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Waiting for the bus in such weather can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, especially for the elderly or those with health issues. Thankfully, Dubai has addressed this issue by making public transportation more accessible and comfortable for everyone.

39. Largest Theme Park On Earth

Largest Theme Park On Earth
Largest Theme Park on Earth

At present, a prodigious theme park by the name of Dubailand is being constructed in Dubai and it’s anticipated to become the most colossal amusement park globally. The feat has been calculated for drawing around 200,000 guests every day which surpasses double Disney World’s size as well.

This project was made known initially during 2003 with still ongoing construction having approximately twenty-two undertakings in progress presently. Its cost reached an astounding $55 billion wherein incessant upgrading and modifications can be seen implemented on-site recurrently.

40. Being Too Handsome Can Be A Problem

Being Too Handsome Can Be A Problem
Being Too Handsome Can Be A Problem

Omar Borkan Al Gala, a journalist hailing from Dubai, was asked to leave Saudi Arabia due to his striking looks. The authorities were concerned about the potential impact of his presence on women at the annual Janadriyah Festival, a two-week cultural festival in Saudi Arabia.

Al Gala, who had previously worked as a male model, was recognised by female attendees who asked for autographs and pictures. This led to a surge in female admirers surrounding him, prompting the authorities to intervene and ask him to leave the festival and not return to Dubai in the future.

41.Golden World

Golden World
Golden World

Dubai is home to the largest gold market in the world, which isn’t surprising given the existence of a gold-dispensing ATM in the city. Gold is ubiquitous in Dubai, with objects of all kinds coated in the precious metal, from telephones to wallpaper. Local metalworkers in Dubai have become highly skilled in working with gold due to its popularity.

While you can have any everyday object plated in gold, it comes at a considerable cost. It’s no secret that Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the Middle East.

42. Luxury Jams

Luxury Jams
Luxury Jams

Dubai is facing a traffic problem due to the increasing number of people and vehicles in the city. Although not everyone owns a fancy car, there are many luxurious rides that contribute to the daily traffic jams. The city’s rapid growth and construction, along with the rising population, make traffic a predictable issue that is likely to worsen.

Despite spending billions of dollars on transportation infrastructure, the city’s efforts to alleviate the problem have not been very effective. However, the opening of the Dubai Metro in 2009 has helped to increase the usage of public transportation over personal vehicles. Nevertheless, these solutions come at a cost, with Dubai spending around $790 million annually on transportation infrastructure.

43. Camel Here, Camel There, Camel Everywhere

Camel Here, Camel There, Camel Everywhere
Camel Here, Camel There, Camel Everywhere

Camels play a crucial role in the daily life of Dubai. They are not just used for racing, but also serve as an integral part of the economy. Although camel milk and meat are available at the market, the latter is not commonly found in restaurants. Moreover, just outside the city limits, you can embark on exciting camel safaris.

These safaris offer a glimpse of life beyond the city and the daily routine of Bedouins in the scorching desert. Riding a camel and participating in activities like bread making, sheesha, and henna add to the fun. Don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs, including camel milk chocolate, to share with your loved ones back home. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore “Camel-lot!”

44. Tourism Causes Culture Clash

Tourism Causes Culture Clash
Tourism Causes Culture Clash

The Middle Eastern Muslim culture promotes modest dressing among women, and it is customary to cover most parts of the body in public. In Dubai, which is governed by Muslim law, many women abide by the modest dress code. However, due to the high influx of tourists, there is some degree of acceptance towards foreign cultures and less conservative dress codes.

It is highly recommended to dress modestly when visiting Dubai to display respect towards the places you visit and not offend anyone. Although the city is tolerant of foreigners who dress less conservatively, it is best to be considerate. Dubai is a blend of Western and conservative Islamic beliefs, and this amalgamation will continue to progress as the city works towards developing new attractions for tourists.

45. Growing Growing Growing

Growing Growing Growing
Growing Growing Growing

Dubai is presently on the verge of a growth spurt that appears hardly to be decelerating anytime soon. Without fail, this city keeps enhancing its infrastructure and development has become an embedded aspect in their lifestyle. As such, there’s understandably always been strong clamor for construction apparatuses within Dubai’s market–a really intriguing observation! To have around 25% of all globally known cranes located right here attests greatly to just how much they mean business.

Sydney follows close behind but Seattle leads among American cities with respect to crane populations; however, it’s not hard see why Dubai holds sway as regards impressive feats in constructions with no signs so far from relinquishing top spot any time soon..

46. Major Fashion Hub

Major Fashion Hub
Major Fashion Hub

Dubai has swiftly emerged as a pivotal fashion destination and is considered the mecca of style in the Middle East. Although when we think about fashionable cities, places like New York, Paris, London or Milan come to mind first. Dubai boasts its own distinguished identity with an annual major fashion event and dedicated area for all things relating to couture.

Local designers are earning global acclaim by featuring their work even on shows held in various parts of Europe such as Paris and NYC. Despite being more traditional than Western trends, Dubai’s sophisticated sense of dressing garners high admiration because it resonates creative innovation coupled with superior craftsmanship that’s unraveled nowhere else before now! It’ll be invaluable getting familiarized with these talented artists from Dubai since they hold immense potential that can curate new paradigms ahead — keeping us astonished consequently!

47. Premarital Sex Is Illegal In Dubai

Premarital Sex Is Illegal In Dubai
Premarital Sex is Illegal in Dubai

Committing sexual acts prior to getting married is a severe infringement in Dubai and can result in confinement or removal. Exhibiting affection, like clasping hands or smooching, are likewise disapproved of by the public while out and about places. It’s suggested that if you plan on traveling to Dubai then it’s best not indulge in these activities at all costs.

In previous cases where ex-pats committed premarital sex they were incarcerated regrettably men’s statements held more credibility than women’s testaments during those incidents which resulted unjust for many females involved with such scenario as there have been reports from several foreign women who have experienced harassment through local authorities ending up imprisoned themselves too included individuals bearing aforementioned experiences early mentioned above this paragraph .

48. Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment

Dubai’s police department has an exceptional all-female force, specifically established to tackle fraud and theft issues in the city. These female officers are also responsible for managing gender-related problems faced by citizens, which are deemed unsuitable for male officers.

The force comprises skilled women police officers from across the UAE with experience working in various roles such as monitoring criminals and providing security to VIPs using weapons. Fluency in both Arabic and English is mandatory for all members. Although some male members of society may not accept their authority, the force is recognized for its forward-thinking approach.

49. Hands Off

Hands Off
Hands Off

Dubai is a city that embraces Western culture while maintaining its own unique cultural norms. Unlike many western countries, the UAE tends to be more conservative and interactions between individuals varies greatly across cultures. Individuals should avoid public displays of affection as such actions can have legal consequences in Dubai. Though holding hands with a spouse in public is permissible, any other PDA must be avoided at all costs and are considered shameful acts within the society’s construct of morality surrounding intimate relationships among opposite sex couples.

You need to always act conscientiously about your behavior when you find yourself there.It would also help if men allow women or female counterparts initiate handshakes during greetings so it’s best for them not make any physical contact unless prompted by their counterpart first.Remember one thing; keep your hands off others!

50. Once A Major Source Of Pearls

Once A Major Source Of Pearls
Once a Major Source of Pearls

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, Dubai held a notable position as an important center for pearl cultivation. Notwithstanding this once-prominent status, subsequent events such as World War I’s economic depression of the pearling industry alongside Japan’s creation of cultured pearls compelled those in Dubai to seek alternate forms of generating income; petroleum exploration subsequently emerged as a major source thereof.

Today however, it is tourism that has become dominant within its economy despite these challenges which characterized previous eras: perseverance against all odds ensured continued growth for Dubai each successive year.

51. Rapid Growth

 Rapid Growth
Rapid Growth

Dubai is experiencing an exponential growth rate and has attained a reputation as being among the most rapidly expanding cities worldwide. Decades ago, in 1968 to be precise, only thirteen vehicles were registered in Dubai; however, this number has notably risen over time.

The construction projects ongoing have led to heavy traffic on the roads resulting from congestion problems that are becoming pervasive within the city limits Meanwhile , one wouldn’t usually sight much of people strolling down streets due to high temperatures experienced here . Impressively though ,to alleviate mobility difficulties caused by congested roadways,Dubai’s authorities recently unveiled double-decker routes for commuters which seem quite promising so far.

52. Luxury Cars Are Often Abandoned In Dubai

Luxury Cars Are Often Abandoned In Dubai
Luxury Cars are Often Abandoned in Dubai

There has been a substantial amount of forsaken luxury vehicles in Dubai, with an ample number of BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes, Ferraris and Porsches located entirely unwatched throughout parking lots. In line with a recent report from the BBC News organization – A one-million-dollar Ferrari Enzo was recently discovered abandoned within the car lot at Dubai International Airport.

While there may not be any distinct reason for this pattern emerging among owners; it is speculated that Sharia law could potentially play some role in these occurrences surfacing. This judicial system mandates citizens who shirk on automobile payments risk being confined as punishment which results in many possibly abandoning their cars to avoid imprisonment while fleeing abroad instead of settling payment disputes domestically leading them back to jail if caught upon return or extradition..

53. A City Is Being Built Within Dubai

A City Is Being Built Within Dubai
A City is Being Built Within Dubai

Dubai’s upcoming project, the Mall of the World, is an immense construction that can be regarded as a city within itself. Spanning over 50 million square feet with optimal climate control to evade extreme heat conditions for visitors.

The design inspiration was taken from London’s Oxford Street and New York City’s Broadway Avenue which led up to enormous domes enclosing this whole metropolitan center successfully. This megaproject will own around staggering numbers such as 20,000 rooms in hotels and space enough parking lot embracing more than cars upto 50K while hosting shoppers at the largest shopping mall worldwide presented here too!

Encouraging tertiary objective lies behind creating it – attracting tourists towards Dubai through advancements like technology-driven services i.e., drones servicing delivery-led by mobile application purchases along with meals printed using advanced printers employing state-of-the-art three-dimensional technologies (3D printing).

54. Dubai’s Airport Is A Huge Source Of Income

Dubai’s Airport Is A Huge Source Of Income
Dubai’s Airport is a Huge Source of Income

The contribution of Dubai’s airport, a fundamental component in the UAE’s economy, is around $22 billion each year. While oil revenue makes up only an insignificant percentage of this figure, notable sources include transportation networks and commerce as well as financial services that promote trade with other countries. Retail sales and the tourism industry are also significant earners within Dubai’s multitudinous industries.

Given its popularity among visitors from across the globe it should come to no surprise that it generates such substantial proceeds The major terminal known as Terminal 3 occupies sizeable acreage at what claims to be one busiest international airports worldwide; furthermore employs over 90 thousand individuals whose jobs number more than four hundred thousand positions combined!

55. Dubai Has Artificial Islands

Dubai Has Artificial Islands
Dubai Has Artificial Islands

Dubai has an interesting fact that they have reclaimed a few islands offshore and created them using a massive amount of sand. One of the islands, Palm Jumeirah, is shaped like a palm tree and has been claimed by Dubai as the eighth wonder of the world. Surprisingly, it took enough sand to fill two and a half Empire State Buildings to build these islands.

Currently, Palm Jumeirah has 30 hotels and resorts while the two other islands, Jebel Ali and Deira, are still in the process of development. For those who love the sea, yachts and speedboats can be rented for private tours around the islands. It’s definitely an island paradise!

56. There Is A Massive Amount Of Oil Produced In Dubai

There Is A Massive Amount Of Oil Produced In Dubai
There is a Massive Amount of Oil Produced in Dubai

Dubai has an impressive oil production capacity, capable of filling 4.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools each day with roughly 50,000 to 70,000 barrels or around 11,000 ml — a figure that is nothing short of remarkable.

However surprising it may seem though, the emirate’s primary source of income does not come from its vast wealth in black gold reserves; this was clearly demonstrated when in the year1991 alone Dubai produced about four hundred thousand daily barrels but only contributed little portion to its GDP.

As we speak now tourism and real estate which are justifiable considering how much growth they continue to experience alongside constant development taking place at every nook and cranny across the city have taken over as key income drivers for Dubai economy today thereby relegating crude oil profits into insignificance compared with other sources driving economic expansion there these days.`

57. Dubai Has 400 Skyscrapers

Dubai Has 400 Skyscrapers
Dubai Has 400 Skyscrapers

The cityscape of Dubai has gone through a significant change over the past three decades. Back in 1991, there was only one towering structure – The World Trade Center- on its skyline. Nowadays, Sheikh Zayed Road is home to numerous imposing and breathtaking architectural wonders that grace both sides of this lengthy street.

Among these exceptional edifices stands Burj Khalifa which holds the record for being the world’s tallest building currently.Anticipating how many more structures will join Dubai’s ever-changing vista within twenty years’ time can be quite challenging indeed!

58. All Big Everything

All Big Everything
All Big Everything

Dubai is known for its grandeur, with everything being built on a massive scale to bring attention and attraction to the city. The mentality of “bigger is better” is prevalent, with giant buildings and attractions everywhere you look. The Burj Khalifa, standing at a staggering 2,722 feet tall, is the world’s tallest tower and is located in Dubai.

Additionally, the city boasts the world’s largest indoor ski facility, indoor aquarium, and biggest mall. Plans are even underway to build the world’s largest amusement park in Dubai. The city’s grandeur seems to know no bounds.

59. Largest Indoor Ski Park

Largest Indoor Ski Park
Largest Indoor Ski Park

The mall in Dubai is well-known for its luxurious and impressive features. You may recall that it is home to a vast array of shops and eateries, as well as the renowned Ski Dubai. This indoor ski resort is the world’s largest, spanning an impressive 22,500 meters.

It is quite remarkable to consider that this resort is filled with snow and covers an area of 3,000 square meters. Additionally, the resort boasts some remarkable attractions, including an 85-meter-high indoor mountain with five slopes of varying intensity, steepness, and difficulty levels. Among these slopes is a 400-meter long run and the only indoor black diamond slope in existence.

60. There Are Hefty Class Divides

There Are Hefty Class Divides
There are Hefty Class Divides

Dubai is rapidly becoming a hub for business and development, with numerous skyscrapers being constructed every year. The workforce responsible for building these towering structures mainly comprises immigrants from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In terms of population, Dubai has around 3.2 million inhabitants, with over 50% being immigrants from these three countries.

Emiratis constitute only 17%, while the remaining 43% are wealthy foreigners from different parts of the world. The economic gap between these groups is substantial. Immigrant workers generally live in impoverished conditions and are transported between labor camps. In contrast, Emiratis have their basic needs taken care of by the government, and wealthy foreigners earn large salaries from white-collar jobs.

61. Shop ‘Til You Drop

 Shop ‘Til You Drop
Shop ‘til You Drop

Dubai is currently constructing a massive project known as The Mall of the World. This shopping center is being built to become the largest mall in the world, covering 8 million square feet. What makes it different from other malls is that it includes a climate-controlled indoor city with 100 hotels that can accommodate approximately 80 million visitors annually.

Moreover, it features a park that is expected to be more impressive than London’s Hyde Park. The project was announced in July 2014 and is estimated to take a decade to complete. It’s no surprise that Dubai is a tourist hotspot, and with the construction of this remarkable mall and hotels, it’s sure to become an even more popular destination. Who knows? Maybe you’ll consider visiting Dubai soon!

62. Dubai Has An Extremely Low Crime Rate

Dubai Has An Extremely Low Crime Rate
Dubai Has an Extremely Low Crime Rate

Dubai’s reputation precedes itself with the remarkably low rate of criminal activities. There have been almost no reports of illegalities and attributed to this is Muslim law that enforces strict penalties, acting effectively as a deterrent for residents largely enough. It becomes necessary even for minor offenses to avoid imprisonment or deportation; it gives foreigners ample reason not to go afoul.

The luxurious police vehicles noticeable in Dubai fully speaks volumes about their pride in such force- Ferraris, Lamborghinis, an Aston Martin worth 1.79 million dollars are among them! On another remarkable note: In comparison you can pay college tuition costs full on par with cost equivalent prices for just one average police car stationed at Dubai!.

63. The Hotel’s Gold Could Completely Cover 46,265 Mona Lisa Paintings

The Hotel's Gold Could Completely Cover 46,265 Mona Lisa Paintings
The Hotel’s Gold Could Completely Cover 46,265 Mona Lisa Paintings

The Burj Al Arab luxury hotel is an impressive sight as it is covered with a large amount of gold leaf. Inside, you’ll find 1,790 square meters of 24-carat gold leaf, which is enough to cover 46,265 Mona Lisa-sized paintings! It’s considered a “7-Star Hotel” and is the fourth-tallest hotel in the world.

Interestingly, around 39% of the hotel is not habitable and just adds to its grandeur. However, be prepared to spend a lot of money if you plan on staying here. The Royal Suite costs a whopping $20,000 per night, while an average room will set you back around $1,500.

64. It’ll be Difficult To Find An Address In Dubai

 It'll be Difficult To Find An Address In Dubai
It’ll be Difficult to Find an Address in Dubai

During the fast-paced growth of Dubai, street signs seemed to have been overlooked. Instead of a typical address system, residents of Dubai use maps or specific instructions to navigate. This can be confusing for visitors, who are recommended to carry a map to communicate their destination to drivers. Without a map, it can be difficult to convey where you want to go.

65. Safe Family Locations

Safe Family Locations
Safe Family Locations

Dubai takes great care in providing public spaces that cater to the comfort and safety of its residents and visitors. There are beaches that are exclusively reserved for women and families, ensuring that single men do not frequent these areas. Additionally, visitors to these beaches are expected to dress modestly, with specific emphasis on women being required to cover themselves fully.

The dress code has been well received by locals, as it aligns with their religious beliefs and allows for a more conservative environment to thrive. The ban on bikinis and requirement for modest dress helps those with conservative dress codes feel more at ease. One local woman praised the family-only beaches for their peaceful atmosphere, as loud music, smoking, and boisterous groups are not allowed, ensuring that locals can enjoy their time at the beach without feeling uncomfortable.

66. A Quarter Of The World’s Cranes Are In Dubai

A Quarter Of The World’s Cranes Are In Dubai
A Quarter of the World’s Cranes are in Dubai

The impressive volume of construction work underway in Dubai is made apparent by the extraordinary fact that roughly one-quarter (24%) of all cranes globally are located there. Specifically, out of 125,000 cranes around the world, nearly 30,000 exist within this city – and it’s anticipated these figures will only continue to rise moving forward.

There exists a substantial demand for complex equipment pieces such as building tools and transportation vehicles alike from our booming real estate market across both the Middle East region overall and throughout UAE specifically; laborers are needed at high rates too given ongoing growth efforts being implemented industry-wide locally here with us inside Dubai. Indeed no other area slightly similar to ours has seen an infrastructure investment or a budget so large: $12.88 billion was allocated towards further expansion during just last year alone!

Evidently then we can easily come up with measures outlining how fast-paced developments have been through observing crane counts on site right now providing concrete proof regarding precisely what kind rapid expansion is happening under our watchful eye every single day currently experienced centrally throughout our beloved metropolis via continued civic pride initiatives found among various segments living here even amidst major transformations taking place today unabatedly underlying steady progress known worldwide…

67. Less Strict Dress Codes

Less Strict Dress Codes
Less Strict Dress Codes

Within Dubai, the regulations pertaining to women’s clothing are not excessively stringent compared with other regions. For those who visit the area, Western-style ensembles that may reveal portions of one’s body is deemed appropriate and local female residents need not cover their heads.

Nonetheless, it is important to exercise caution when attiring oneself in Dubai since provocative apparel could elicit discomfort among locals or even prompt legal consequences if a grievance arises before authorities; Furthermore, for religious areas like mosques there exists an imperative to wear proper garments such as full-body coverage attire alongside headscarves should you decide on planning a visitation.

68. License Plates Are A Symbol Of Social Status In Dubai

License Plates Are A Symbol Of Social Status In Dubai
License Plates are a Symbol of Social Status in Dubai

Were you aware that the people of Dubai cherish license plates as a commodity of luxury? It’s an absolute fact! The most coveted licenses are those containing single digits, then followed by two-digit numbers and so on. It is truly fascinating to know such a trivial thing like the license plate could hold quite significant in society.

Though many of us disregard this aspect, it represents power, status and prestige which cannot be taken for granted there in Dubai since residents can pay millions just to obtain unique number plates with personal significance attached to them. However – if your licence has more than four digits- it carries less social standing because they’re considered cheapened goods amidst their counterparts with fewer numerals etched onto them!

69. There Is Robot Camel Racing In Dubai

There Is Robot Camel Racing In Dubai
There is Robot Camel Racing in Dubai

Dubai’s national sport is camel racing, with its equivalence to baseball for the U.S. and hockey for Canada. Due to weight restrictions on camels used in races, only younger people are allowed as jockeys which led to child trafficking incidents before being addressed through innovative measures such as utilizing robots specially constructed within a child-size range.

This solution comes at an expense since these robot models can cost anywhere between $300 USD up until $10,000 USD each depending on specifications involved.

70. Wild Pets

Wild Pets
Wild Pets

Dubai’s GDP exceeded $105 billion in 2015, and the city’s affluence is evident in its extravagant vehicles and towering edifices. Surprisingly, owning exotic animals is a popular way to flaunt one’s wealth in Dubai. Some residents keep monkeys, baboons, and even lions as pets, with wilder animals being considered more desirable.

This practice is often associated with social status, but it has been problematic. In 2017, the government banned the ownership and keeping of exotic animals, but some people continue to defy the law. The consequences for owning a lion or tiger can be severe, including a six-month jail term and a $136,000 fine. It’s certainly a risky endeavor!

71. Water Rider

Water Rider
Water Rider

Behold, the undiminished veracity of Dubai with no attempt to mislead or deceive. You shan’t mistake it for a figment from James Bond’s cinematic universe. In today’s day and age, certain individuals perceive yachts as archaic. The new fad is represented by this picture; an innovative aquatic automobile that can ferry you across waterways at notable speeds but not without emptying your pockets – costing northward of $800k dollars!

72. The Emirati Batmobile

The Emirati Batmobile
The Emirati Batmobile

Dubai has a Batmobile that you can see without having to travel to Hollywood. It’s unclear whether Batman is in the city or if he has retired there, but Bruce Wayne certainly has the means to do so. While there are many remarkable cars in Dubai, this particular Batmobile is especially noteworthy.

73. Back To The Future Museum

Back To The Future Museum
Back to the Future Museum

The museum situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, near the Emirates Towers in Dubai is a departure from conventional perception of museums as being spaces that house art and history. Instead, it is exclusively dedicated to exhibiting advanced technological concepts and ideas which will shape the future. It boasts fascinating displays that are at the forefront of innovation; some even hold potential for realization within our lifetime thus leaving visitors awestruck with its futuristic approach.

74. They Always Come In Two

They Always Come In Two

This is a unique find that you may have never seen before as it is only found in Dubai. While stretched limousines are common, this stretched jeep is definitely unusual as it has been widened instead of lengthened. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the owner has a large family and needed a vehicle that could accommodate everyone during their sand dune adventures. The jeep has been fitted with six wheels to ensure balance and safety in the sand.

75. A Cake Made Of Gold

A Cake Made Of Gold
A Cake Made of Gold

Dubai doesn’t shy away from showcasing grandeur, even in desserts. The city takes it to a whole new level with one of the world’s priciest desserts. The dessert is worth a fortune, made with 23 karats of gold, vanilla from Uganda, and Italian cocoa. It’s a cake fit for royalty.

76. A Very Expensive Dinner

A Very Expensive Dinner
A Very Expensive Dinner

The cost of the bill in question is exceedingly high – well beyond a typical pricey expense. It seems clear that for individuals such as ourselves, this sum would be impossible to attain. To contextualize further, we are speaking of an astonishing amount reaching one-hundred thousand dollars.

However, within Dubai’s culture and society at large, these expenses are commonplace; citizens have become accustomed to paying such amounts during their leisure activities out on town or otherwise pursuing luxury experiences. Thankfully however,this particular elevated payment already includes fees incurred due to municipal regulations as well as charges associated with service provision..

77. Did Anyone Call For A Limo?

Did Anyone Call For A Limo?
Did Anyone Call for a Limo?

The metropolis of Dubai stands alone in granting the privilege to have your kin journey with you on an ambulance trek towards the hospital. This is truly a reassuring prospect for those who may feel disquieted during such taxing moments. The residents of Dubai are celebrated for their empathetic disposition toward patients and their requirements.

In addition, stretched-out ambulances further augment both comfort and convenience levels for said individuals. It’s certainly heartening knowledge that one can rely upon Dubai to confer top-notch medical treatment without question or reservation!

78. Where Fish Are Not Allowed

Where Fish Are Not Allowed
Where Fish Are Not Allowed

The metropolis of Dubai has a set of distinct regulations that differentiate it from other urban centers, particularly in its arena for public transportation. A rather unique restriction pertains to the prohibition on seafood within these transit facilities. The impetus behind this decree is not readily apparent, though conjecture suggests past occurrences may have necessitated such action by authorities and administrators alike. Nevertheless, this stands as an intriguing eccentricity amidst Dubai’s network of conveyance avenues.

79. Rooftop Boxing

Rooftop Boxing
Rooftop Boxing

Anthony Joshua, the British heavyweight champion boxer, was recently seen practicing on a rooftop in Dubai. While it is unclear what benefits practicing on a rooftop may provide, Joshua seemed to be making the most of his training. However, the need for a helicopter to capture the moment seems a bit excessive.

80. The Easy Way Out Of Traffic

The Easy Way Out Of Traffic
The Easy Way Out of Traffic

Can you imagine yourself attempting this feat in the city of Los Angeles? Although it may provide a way out from getting caught up in traffic on Monday mornings, have you thought about what your neighboring community would say or perceive?

It appears that relying solely on Waze might not suffice when maneuvering through Dubai’s roads; thus, an aerial ride using helicopters seems inevitable. Suppose one lives in a multi-story building within Dubai’s central business district; there is every likelihood of encountering these hovering contraptions right outside their windowpanes.

81. Dubai Is Competing To Have The Biggest And Best Everything

Dubai Is Competing To Have The Biggest And Best Everything
Dubai is Competing to Have the Biggest and Best Everything

Dubai has a reputation for constructing the world’s largest and most extravagant structures. With ongoing massive construction projects, it’s challenging to keep up with what groundbreaking development is next. Dubai boasts some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, including the renowned Burj Al-Arab, hailed as the best hotel globally.

The city also holds the title for the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, stretching 163 stories high and visible from 95 km away. Not to mention, Dubai is currently working on building the biggest indoor shopping mall, most massive aquarium, tallest hotel, and most lavish indoor ski park. It’s truly a remarkable feat.

82. Gold Plated Everything

Gold Plated Everything
Gold Plated Everything

Dubai is an extravagant city where people flaunt their wealth through luxurious possessions. Among the many opulent options available, gold stands out as a popular choice. The city boasts of gold ATMs and vending machines, and even offers the service of gold-plating anything that catches your fancy.

The trend of having gold-plated cars is catching on, with models ranging from Ferraris to Bentleys. For those who want to take it a step further, options like diamond-encrusted Mercedes-Benz or Porcelain Bugatti are also available. However, one needs to be careful of the blinding effect of these shiny vehicles on the roads of Dubai.

83. There’s Zero Debt Tolerance In Dubai

There's Zero Debt Tolerance In Dubai
There’s Zero Debt Tolerance in Dubai

In terms of indebtedness, Dubai is famously stringent. The repercussions for failing to repay debt can be quite severe. Those who neglect credit card payments or default on debts are typically incarcerated or expelled from the country altogether as punishment.

To outsiders enticed by lucrative job opportunities and tax-exempt wages in lavish lodgings, it offers an alluring prospect that may prove difficult to resist but many struggle with maintaining control over their spending habits once they become accustomed to such a luxurious way of life which often culminates in accruing

Overwhelming amounts of debt leading subsequently towards forced departure from this prosperous hotspot abroad through deportation proceedings at best-case scenario given circumstances allow no legal recourse otherwise under these conditions within its borders upon non-payment.

84. Luxury Cop Cars

 Luxury Cop Cars
Luxury Cop Cars

The city of Dubai is famous worldwide for its high-end and luxurious lifestyle, which shows even in their law enforcement agencies. The police personnel are equipped to patrol the streets on lavish automobiles such as Ferraris, Aston Martins, or Mercedes Benz that goes beyond what’s economically accessible.

However these swanky vehicles come with a rather expensive price tag equaling out to an average American university student’s education fees; making it quite costly indeed! Nevertheless, strict laws along with harsh criminal sentences ensure low crime rates across Dubai- late insurance payments could result in imprisonment among other severe consequences which work towards keeping the levels of offences at bay within this lavish metropolis.

It comes as no surprise then when you hear about how Numbeo ranked Dubai 9th globally regarding safety and security through their Crime Index Rate metric assessment model respectively –quite remarkable statistics worthy of mention!

85. On The Water Haven

On The Water Haven
On the Water Haven

In Dubai, you’ll find more than just the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa and peculiar pets kept by some residents. You can also indulge in a diverse selection of serene floating hotels and spas for an idyllic getaway. These establishments provide all the amenities required for a rejuvenating vacation such as loungers to bask under sunlight, exhilarating beverages, among others while cruising on water bodies; an ideal haven to de-stress from your fast-paced daily schedule.

86. Dubai Lanterns

 Dubai Lanterns
Dubai Lanterns

Consider waiting until your next trip to Dubai before purchasing new lamps for your home. The Emirate Lanterns are a distinctive and eye-catching addition to any home decor with their vibrant colors and illuminating presence. While inexpensive versions of these lanterns can be found at some stores, purchasing an original lantern from Dubai may come with a unique backstory and original design.

87. Dubai Is Hotter Than Hot

Dubai Is Hotter Than Hot
Dubai is Hotter Than Hot

Dubai, found in a barren area, receives copious amounts of sunshine every year with sporadic precipitation. In the frosty month of January–with temperatures plummeting to an average 75 degrees Fahrenheit by day and 57 degrees Fahrenheit at night–, Dubai’s inhabitants may feel chilled; however, it is a welcome respite from their tiring heat waves.

Conversely, summertime brings unbearable hotness accompanied by strong winds and high dampness levels that can cause discomfort for visitors who are not used to such environments-only adding more strain upon them as daily highs reach around 106 degree Fahrenheit while nighttime lows only drop slightly down reaching towards about eighty-six-degrees- but some days have even hotter weather than this!

If you’re planning on visiting during these months then be sure absolutely bring along your hat plus pack plenty more sunscreen to take care of yourself under such intense conditions!

88. The Heart-Shaped Lake 

The Heart-Shaped Lake 
The Heart-Shaped Lake 

Are you in Dubai and seeking a peaceful retreat amidst nature? Look no further than Al Qudra Love Lake. This stunning destination features two interconnected lakes shaped like hearts, with the word “love” inscribed below. It’s the ideal spot for a romantic getaway or a moment of solitude.

89. Family Quality Time

Family Quality Time
Family Quality Time

In the past, families in Dubai used to spend quality time by venturing into the dusty yellow desert, rounding up their sheep, and returning home safely. However, with changing times, family gatherings have become more exciting and diverse. Nowadays, it is quite common to see family members enjoying each other’s company in the deep blue waters of the Persian Gulf, trying their hand at surfing, and even sharing the joy of riding a camel with someone less fortunate.

90. Black And White Companions

Black And White Companions
Black and White Companions

Did you know that penguins, often connected with the frigid climate of Antarctica or enclosed within zoos, have also established residence in Dubai? While this might seem surprising at first glance, a particular habitat has been crafted to cater to these charming animals and maintain their security as well as welfare. The arid terrain now boasts an exceptional sanctuary outfitted with snow and ice that complements the needs of its inhabitants flawlessly.

91. Diverse Population

Diverse Population
Diverse Population

It’s striking that the majority of people in Dubai aren’t citizens of the United Arab Emirates, which includes only 17% of Dubaian inhabitants. Instead, most residents are immigrants hailing from countries such as Bangladesh, India and Pakistan accounting for almost 83%.

With this diversity it has brought synergy between various cultures into one city; however with significant inequality against immigrant workers who suffer harsh working conditions and low pay being great contrast to UAE nationals enjoying medical care or education without related fees while also getting free accommodation. Notwithstanding these difficulties,Dubai still beckons many foreign job seekers looking at opportunities offered there.

92. Cloud Penthouse

Cloud Penthouse
Cloud Penthouse

Dubai is famous for its towering skyline, featuring numerous high-rise buildings with over 50 floors that seem to touch the skies. These buildings also offer grand penthouses with breathtaking views of the fluffy, white clouds. If you plan to stay in one of Dubai’s lavish bed and breakfasts, why not request a room with a view of the clouds?

93. No One Forget About The Horse

No One Forget About The Horse
No One Forget About the Horse

Dubai sure does have a luxurious way of living! It’s not just the affluent Sheikhs who get to enjoy the lavish houses and fancy apartments. Even their animal companions, particularly horses, are given the utmost attention and care. The horse stables in Dubai are nothing short of magnificent and they resemble more of a Moroccan temple than just a simple shelter for horses. The people of Dubai value their horses just as much as they value their loved ones and themselves, which is truly commendable.

94. The Very Expensive Uber Ride

The Very Expensive Uber Ride
The Very Expensive Uber Ride

Imagine this scenario. You are preparing to go to the nightclubs, and you have requested an Uber to pick you up from your hotel room. When you head downstairs to meet your ride, you are surprised to see a Bugatti Uber waiting for you. This extraordinary ride promises to be an unforgettable experience. Even Uber services in Dubai are not typical. As with many other things in this country, only the finest options are available.

95. Colorful Side Of Dubai

Colorful Side Of Dubai
Colorful Side of Dubai

Dubai’s allure extends beyond its sweltering dunes and luxurious automobiles. The metropolis boasts a plethora of attractions that are bound to astonish you, such as the stunning ochre-tinted skyline. Among these precious gems is the Dubai Miracle Garden – an unmissable destination showcasing over 250 million blooms across one of the world’s largest flower gardens. If your itinerary includes excursions within this city, ensure that this exceptional location deserves a spot in your list of essential visits!

96. The Less Fortunate

The Less Fortunate
The Less Fortunate

Dubai offers more than just extravagance and affluence. Although it is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, there are still some individuals who do not have as much wealth or resources. To support those in need, the administration ensures that impoverished residents get free sustenance without any hassle.

What’s intriguing about this scenario is that such provisions aren’t limited to mere necessities but also extend to deluxe snacks and beverages provisioned by the government itself. This initiative highlights equality among all societal strata affirming their right of occasional indulgence despite financial constraints or privilege differences they may encounter on a routine basis.

97. Turtle Mania

Turtle Mania
Turtle Mania

Dubai’s terrain is inhabited by the occasional arrival of lions and tigers. In terms of caring for them as companions, desert turtles may be a contentious issue to consider. These rare species are only found in certain regions, including Dubai; nevertheless, if you come across one it is advisable to keep your distance since they aren’t known for their amicability towards people- although this might not trouble some individuals.

98. Cloud Penthouse

Cloud Penthouse
Cloud Penthouse

The city of Dubai is renowned for its remarkable collection of towering buildings that stand tall enough to almost reach the heavens. These opulent residential structures boast lavish penthouses from which patrons can enjoy breathtaking vistas of voluminous, white clouds.

As such, if you plan on reserving a room at any one of Dubai’s luxurious bed and breakfast establishments, be sure to make known your preference for accommodations with an awe-inspiring view overlooking these celestial masses above.

99. Bling-Bling Mercedes

 Bling-Bling Mercedes
Bling-Bling Mercedes

Dubai is a place where owning Mercedes might not be granted the same status as it receives in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, when taken to its extreme point, it could symbolize great fortune and affluence. This specific car model belongs to Amir al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul-Aziz who happens to be one of Dubai’s wealthiest figures from Saudi Arabia region. The said automobile has been adorned with over 300 thousand diamonds that came at an outlay near five million dollars!

100. This Is What A Public Bathroom Should Look Like

At first glance of the picture, an observer may presuppose that it reveals a lavishly furnished washroom, perhaps situated inside the luxurious penthouse suite owned by some affluent personality. Nonetheless, such assumption would be erroneous. Strikingly enough this sumptuous bathroom is not privately held but instead serves as public amenities available for all to use without exception whatsoever; henceforth relieving individuals from resorting to measures aimed at evading common restrooms utilized by members of society in general.