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Are you looking for a fun and effective way to stay fit and active? Look no further! At our state-of-the-art facility, we offer a wide variety of group exercise classes that are tailored to meet the needs of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, our classes will help you strengthen your muscles, improve your endurance, and burn calories. With a focus on cardiovascular health and a range of options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fitness class near you. Join us at the JCC Health Club today and experience the joy of group exercise!

Key Takeaways:

  • Group exercise classes offer a fun and energizing way to stay fit.
  • Our facility provides a variety of classes for all fitness levels.
  • These classes help strengthen muscles, improve endurance, and burn calories.
  • Cardiovascular health is a focus in our group exercise programs.
  • Join us at the JCC Health Club to find the perfect fitness class near you.

Experience the Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes offer a wide range of benefits for your overall fitness and well-being. Through exercises that focus on strength, cardio, and flexibility, you can build muscle, improve your cardiovascular health, and enhance your range of motion. From pilates to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), our group fitness classes are designed to target all major muscle groups and help you burn calories. Plus, our experienced instructors will guide you through proper form and technique to ensure you get the most out of each movement.

Strength training is a key component of many group exercise classes. By incorporating dumbbells, resistance bands, or bodyweight exercises, these classes help you build muscle and increase your overall strength. This not only improves your physical performance but also boosts metabolism and reduces the risk of injury.

Cardiovascular exercise is also an essential part of group exercise classes. Whether it’s through dance-based workouts, kickboxing, or cycling, these classes get your heart pumping and your lungs working. Regular cardiovascular exercise can improve your cardiovascular health, increase your endurance, and burn calories for weight management.

Flexibility training is often integrated into group exercise classes to improve range of motion and prevent muscle imbalances. Pilates, yoga, and stretching-focused classes help lengthen and strengthen muscles, improve posture, and enhance overall flexibility. These exercises can also promote relaxation and stress reduction, providing a holistic approach to fitness.

Joining a group exercise class not only brings physical benefits but also provides a social and motivational element to your fitness routine. Exercising in a group setting can boost your mood, increase accountability, and make workouts more enjoyable. It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and make new friends while achieving your fitness goals.

The Variety of Group Exercise Classes

group exercise classes

At the JCC Health Club, we offer a wide variety of group exercise classes to cater to different preferences and fitness goals. Whether you prefer the flow and relaxation of yoga, the intensity of spin classes, the core strength and flexibility of pilates, or the energetic movements of martial arts, we have something for everyone. Our classes also include circuit training, HIIT workouts, stretching sessions, and more, allowing you to engage different muscle groups and enhance your overall fitness. From vinyasa yoga to barre classes, you can find the perfect class to energize your body and achieve your fitness goals.

Class Description
Yoga Flowing movements and mindful postures to increase flexibility and promote relaxation.
Spin High-intensity stationary cycling workouts to improve cardiovascular endurance and burn calories.
Pilates Core-focused exercises to strengthen muscles, improve posture, and enhance flexibility.
Martial Arts Energetic movements and self-defense techniques to build strength, agility, and discipline.
Circuit Training Full-body workouts that combine strength and cardio exercises for a comprehensive fitness experience.
HIIT High-intensity interval training sessions to boost metabolism and burn calories.
Stretching Relaxing sessions to improve flexibility, prevent injuries, and enhance muscle recovery.
Barre Pilates-inspired exercises with ballet barre movements to strengthen muscles and improve balance.

Our expert instructors guide you through each class, providing proper form and technique instructions to ensure a safe and effective workout. Whether you’re looking for low-impact cardio to protect your joints, exercises to target your glutes and stability, or choreography that will energize your body, our group exercise classes offer a variety of options. Additionally, many of our classes incorporate bodyweight and plyometric training, allowing you to use your own body as resistance and engage in explosive movements for maximum results.

Instructor-led Classes for Fun and Effective Workouts

instructor-led fitness class

Our group exercise classes are not only led by certified instructors but also designed to provide you with a fun and effective workout experience. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about wellness and are here to motivate and guide you through rhythmic and synchronized movements that encourage you to reach your fitness goals. With the perfect blend of music, pace, and choreography, our classes offer a low-impact, fluid style that caters to participants of all fitness levels.

Our instructors understand that each individual has unique needs and goals, which is why they are committed to providing personalized attention and support throughout every class. They will help you maintain proper form, maximize your effort, and work at a pace that is comfortable yet challenging. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, our instructors are here to ensure that you get the most out of each workout session.

“The energy and positivity that our instructors bring to each class is contagious. They create a welcoming and supportive environment that makes exercising enjoyable. The combination of their expertise, passion, and dedication to your well-being is what sets our group exercise classes apart.”

During our classes, we emphasize mindful movements and focus on connecting with your body through meditation and breathing exercises. This holistic approach not only helps improve your physical fitness but also promotes mental clarity and stress reduction. Our instructors are well-versed in various fitness disciplines and incorporate a diverse range of exercises and techniques to keep your workouts engaging and dynamic.

Table: Benefits of Instructor-led Group Exercise Classes

Benefits Details
Variety of Workouts Our instructors offer a wide range of classes, including dance-inspired workouts, cardio kickboxing, strength training, and more, to keep your fitness routine exciting and diverse.
Motivation and Accountability Our instructors provide the necessary motivation and accountability to help you stay on track, challenging you to push past your limits and achieve your fitness goals.
Proper Technique and Form Our instructors guide you through each exercise, ensuring that you perform movements with proper technique and form to reduce the risk of injury and maximize results.
Community and Support Joining our group exercise classes allows you to become part of a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded individuals and foster a sense of camaraderie.
Fun and Enjoyable We believe that fitness should be enjoyable, which is why our instructors infuse fun and excitement into every class, making your workout sessions something to look forward to.

Class Schedule and Pricing

Planning your fitness routine has never been easier with our convenient class schedule. We offer a variety of group exercise classes throughout the week, from morning to evening, so you can find a time that fits your busy schedule. Whether you’re an early riser or prefer an evening workout, we have options to accommodate your needs.

To participate in our group exercise classes, we offer flexible pricing options. You can choose from single class passes or opt for a class pass package for added convenience and savings. Our class passes include 5-class, 10-class, and 20-class options, each with different expiration dates to suit your fitness goals.

Pass Type Pricing Expiration
Single Class Pass $15 N/A
5-Class Pass $65 30 days
10-Class Pass $110 60 days
20-Class Pass $200 90 days

To get started, simply choose the class pass that suits your needs and budget. With our flexible pricing options, you can enjoy the benefits of our group exercise classes without breaking the bank. Join us today and experience the positive impact of regular workouts on your overall health and well-being.

Registration Information and Policies

Group Exercise Class Registration

Registering for our group exercise classes is quick and easy. Simply visit our MindBody website or download our app to sign up. To ensure that everyone has a fair chance to participate, we have a 14-day registration window for all classes. This allows you to secure your spot in advance and plan your fitness schedule accordingly.

Our class sizes are limited to provide personal attention and maintain a comfortable environment for all participants. This ensures that you receive the support and guidance you need from our experienced instructors. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, you’ll receive the individualized attention necessary to make the most of your workout.

When attending our group exercise classes, all the necessary equipment will be provided. However, you’re more than welcome to bring your own if you prefer. We understand that personal preferences and comfort can vary, so feel free to bring any equipment that enhances your workout experience. Rest assured that all in-class equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after each use, following strict hygiene protocols to ensure your safety.

Whether you’re signing up for virtual or in-person classes, we advise arriving on time to fully benefit from the session. For virtual classes, joining after the start time may disrupt the flow and prevent you from enjoying the complete experience. For in-person classes, arriving 10 minutes late is not recommended as it may disturb the class dynamics. By respecting the start time, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the class and make the most of your fitness journey.

Table: Group Exercise Class Registration Information

Registration MindBody
Registration Window 14 days
Class Sizes Limited for personal attention
Equipment Provided, but you can bring your own
Arrival On time for a seamless experience

Active Together – Improve Cardiovascular Fitness and Strength

Active Together

If you’re looking for a workout program that improves cardiovascular fitness and builds strength, Active Together is the perfect choice. This 60-minute class is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals through simple movements and supportive coaching. Whether you’re a fitness newcomer or a regular exerciser, Active Together offers a fun and effective way to improve your overall fitness.

With energizing music and a supportive instructor, Active Together keeps you motivated and engaged throughout the entire session. The class focuses on cardiovascular exercises that get your heart rate up and help burn calories, while also incorporating strength-building movements to enhance muscle tone and endurance.

Active Together is suitable for all fitness levels, as the exercises can be modified to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular health, build strength, or simply enjoy a fun workout with others, Active Together has something to offer. Join us for this dynamic and rewarding class and experience the benefits of improved cardiovascular fitness and strength.

Benefits of Active Together:

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Builds strength and muscle tone
  • Simple movements suitable for all fitness levels
  • Supportive coaching and motivating environment
  • Fun and energizing workout

Balance & Flex Together – Yoga, Pilates, and Athletic Training

Balance & Flex Together is a unique 60-minute workout program that combines the principles of yoga, Pilates, and athletic training to provide a holistic approach to fitness. This class is designed to improve balance, mobility, and strength, making it suitable for both beginners and fitness regulars. By incorporating elements of yoga and Pilates, you’ll enhance your flexibility, strengthen your core, and improve your overall body coordination. The addition of athletic training exercises adds intensity and challenges your body in new ways, helping you achieve optimal results.

Benefits of Balance & Flex Together

The Balance & Flex Together class offers a wide range of benefits for your physical and mental well-being. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Improved Balance: Through a series of exercises that focus on stability and coordination, you’ll enhance your body’s sense of balance.
  • Increased Mobility: The class incorporates movements that promote flexibility and range of motion, helping you move more freely and easily.
  • Enhanced Strength: By targeting specific muscle groups, the exercises in Balance & Flex Together contribute to overall body strength.

Additionally, this class offers a mind-body connection, allowing you to focus on breathing, mindfulness, and relaxation, promoting mental clarity and reducing stress.

“Balance & Flex Together is a great workout that combines the best of yoga, Pilates, and athletic training. I leave each class feeling stronger, more flexible, and centered. It’s a complete mind and body experience.” – Sarah, Balance & Flex Together participant

Experience Balance & Flex Together at the JCC Health Club

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Balance & Flex Together? Join us at the JCC Health Club and discover how this unique workout program can enhance your overall fitness. Our certified instructors will guide you through each exercise, ensuring proper form and technique to help you get the most out of your workout. With our supportive and energizing environment, you’ll feel motivated and inspired to push your limits and reach your fitness goals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your balance, mobility, and strength through the power of yoga, Pilates, and athletic training.

Cardio Step Together – Improve Agility and Coordination

Cardio Step Together

Cardio Step Together is a results-oriented workout program that focuses on cardio training, agility, coordination, and overall fitness. This dynamic class combines step exercises with cardio movements to provide a challenging yet enjoyable experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, Cardio Step Together offers a high-energy workout that will push your limits and help you achieve your fitness goals.

In Cardio Step Together, you’ll engage in a variety of step-based exercises that target your lower body, including your legs, glutes, and calves. These exercises are designed to improve your agility, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance. By incorporating upbeat music and fun choreography, the class creates a vibrant atmosphere that keeps you motivated and energized throughout the session.

With the guidance of our certified instructors, you’ll learn proper stepping techniques and challenging combinations that will elevate your heart rate and burn calories. The class focuses on maintaining a consistent pace to optimize your cardiovascular workout and maximize the benefits of the exercises.

Benefits of Cardio Step Together

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Enhanced agility and coordination
  • Increased calorie burn
  • Stronger lower body muscles
  • Boosted endurance and stamina

Join us for Cardio Step Together and experience the excitement and benefits of this dynamic workout. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall fitness, enhance your coordination, or simply have fun while exercising, Cardio Step Together is the perfect choice for you.

Conditioning Together – Full-Body Workout for Muscle Building and Calorie Burn

Conditioning Together is a 30-minute full-body workout that combines both strength and cardio training to enhance muscle building and calorie burn. This dynamic class uses a circuit-training approach, incorporating bodyweight exercises and weight plates to target different muscle groups. Whether you’re looking to tone your muscles, boost your metabolism, or burn calories, Conditioning Together offers a highly efficient and effective workout.

During this class, you’ll engage in various exercises that challenge your strength and endurance. From squats and lunges to push-ups and planks, each movement is carefully chosen to engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This not only helps you build lean muscle but also boosts your metabolism to support calorie burn long after the workout is over.

Cardiovascular fitness is also a key component of Conditioning Together. By incorporating high-intensity intervals and fast-paced movements, you’ll get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular health. These bursts of cardio are designed to complement the strength exercises, creating a well-rounded workout that targets both the muscular and cardiovascular systems.

Join our Conditioning Together class and experience a full-body workout that will challenge and energize you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, this class is designed to accommodate all fitness levels. With the guidance of our experienced instructors, you’ll be able to push yourself to new limits and achieve your fitness goals.

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Group exercise classes offer a healthy and fun way to achieve your fitness goals. With a wide variety of classes to choose from, including yoga, spin, and pilates, you can find the perfect workout to meet your needs. These classes not only help you build strength and flexibility but also improve your cardiovascular health.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to guiding you through each session, ensuring that you get the most out of your workout. They provide expert instruction and motivation, helping you stay on track and reach your fitness potential.

Our convenient class schedule makes it easy to fit exercise into your busy life. Whether you’re a morning person or prefer evening workouts, we have options available for everyone. And with our simple registration process, signing up for classes is a breeze.

Don’t miss out on the numerous benefits of group exercise classes. Start your fitness journey today and discover the positive impact it can have on your health and well-being.


What types of group exercise classes are offered at the JCC Health Club?

The JCC Health Club offers a wide variety of group exercise classes, including yoga, spin, pilates, martial arts, circuit training, HIIT workouts, stretching sessions, and more.

Are the instructors at the JCC Health Club certified?

Yes, all of our group exercise class instructors are certified and passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals.

Do I need to bring my own equipment for the classes?

While equipment is provided, you are encouraged to bring your own. All in-class equipment is cleaned before and after use, following strict hygiene protocols.

How do I register for group exercise classes?

You can register for our group exercise classes through our MindBody website or app. There is a 14-day reservation window to secure your spot in advance.

What is the pricing for class passes?

We offer single class passes, as well as 5-class, 10-class, and 20-class passes. The pricing varies for JCC Health Club members, JCC Pool and Community members, and the general public.

How long is the Active Together workout program?

The Active Together workout program is 60 minutes long and focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness and building strength.

What is the Balance & Flex Together class about?

Balance & Flex Together is a 60-minute workout program that combines yoga, Pilates, and athletic training to improve balance, mobility, and strength.

What is the Cardio Step Together program?

Cardio Step Together is a 60-minute cardio training program designed to improve agility, coordination, and overall fitness using step exercises and cardio movements.

What is the Conditioning Together class?

Conditioning Together is a 30-minute full-body workout that combines strength and cardio training using circuit training exercises and weight plates.

How do group exercise classes benefit overall fitness and well-being?

Group exercise classes help build muscle, improve cardiovascular health, enhance flexibility, and burn calories while providing a supportive and motivational environment.

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