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Health Advantages Of Cabbage

Gain insight into why cabbage is such an invaluable health aid and learn more about its numerous health advantages – such as weight reduction, inflammation management and digestive wellbeing.


Cabbage may not get as much recognition as its cruciferous cousins kale and broccoli, but it deserves more recognition. Cabbage is an outstanding vegetable: economical, adaptable and surprising tasty. When looking to save money, cabbage offers great savings at around $0.58 per pound of green cabbage (that equates to roughly $0.25 per cup!). Read on for more details regarding its health benefits as a super food vegetable!

1. Rich In Nutrients

Cabbage provides fiber, vitamins K and C at an unbeatably low calorie count. In just 22 calories of chopped cabbage you’ll get 54% of the daily value for vitamin C as well as 2 grams of fiber! Savoy and red cabbage boast healthy levels of beta carotene as well.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

Red cabbage’s vibrant purple hue comes from heart-healthy phytochemicals called anthocyanins that may also help lower risk for Parkinson’s infection and promote eyesight development.

3. Battles Cancer

Studies suggest that cabbage may help with combatting breast, lung, colon and other types of cancer. Cabbage contains powerful cancer fighting compounds called isothiocyanates-synthetic compounds which increase detoxification systems within our bodies and aid elimination processes for cancerous cell formation and accumulation. Also like other cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower or brussel sprouts it contains phytochemicals which may aid with eliminating cancerous mixtures from your body as well as searching out radical extremists or increasing modified cell passage of cancerous cells among various other functions – thus we prefer sauteeing or steaming over cooking so as to retain most of these important benefits!

4. Weight Reduction

However, how you eat cabbage plays an integral part in its ability to help with weight reduction. Simply eating it soaked with mayo-laden dressing as coleslaw might not do much. As cabbage is relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile vegetable it makes an ideal addition to your diet if you are trying to lose weight.

Harvard College research indicates that many of us don’t consume enough vegetables, making vegetables one of the primary foods associated with weight reduction. Vegetables are low-cal, packed with nutrition and high in fiber – which helps us feel full after meals while simultaneously aiding regular bowel movements for improved overall gut health.

5. Stomach Health

Cabbage can help protect stomach health when eaten aged as kimchi or sauerkraut, providing your digestive system with probiotics – beneficial microorganisms that contribute to keeping it functioning at an optimum level. Furthermore, cabbage contains plenty of fiber which keeps things moving along smoothly in terms of keeping digestive processes on schedule.

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