Health Advantages of Purple Potatoes

Beside being lovely, this dynamic veg is loaded with health benefits. From battling inflammation to ensuring your heart, purple potatoes take care of you.

Purple Potatoes

Colors don’t simply make food pretty: they can be an indication of nutritional power. Furthermore purple is strong. This illustrious shade comes from anthocyanins—sickness battling antioxidants. The shade produces red, blue and violet food sources, contingent upon the sort of anthocyanin (there are hundreds). The high antioxidant content in these pigmented potatoes battles inflammation and helps cut coronary illness and cancer risk.

Purple Potato Nutrition

Purple potatoes have a ton going for them nutritionally, past antioxidants. They are loaded with fiber, vitamin C and potassium, which can assist with weight reduction, invulnerability and heart health. The nutrition for 1 medium prepared purple potato is as per the following:

151 calories
4 g protein
0 g fat
34 g carbohydrates
3 g fiber
943 mg potassium (20% Every day Worth)
22 mg vitamin C (24% DV)

Antioxidant Powerhouse

With regards to antioxidants, normally the more profound the shading, the better. Purple potatoes are stuffed with anthocyanins, which are a kind of antioxidant that has been displayed to decrease the risk of a few constant illnesses. A recent report saw that as red and purple-fleshed potatoes normal 16 to 57 mg of anthocyanins per 100 g, and other exploration says their antioxidant power is similar to that of Brussels fledglings or spinach.

In certain occurrences, how you cook a food can impact its antioxidant levels. In a review distributed in Food Science, scientists took a gander at what this implies for purple potatoes explicitly. The greatest antioxidant misfortunes came from pan-searing (60%) and baking (22%); while microwaving (6%) and bubbling (8%) safeguarded the most nutrients. This doesn’t mean you ought to never pan sear or heat purple potatoes, however to get the most antioxidant value for your money, attempt other cooking techniques as well.

Heart Healthy

Purple potatoes’ high antioxidant content converts into great heart health benefits. A recent report in the Diary of Science, Agribusiness and Healthcare researched how purple potato separate (180 mL day by day) contrasted and a typical blood pressure medicine called captopril. Not exclusively did the purple potato separate altogether further develop individuals’ blood pressure, yet additionally it essentially expanded the hypertension-battling antioxidants (called superoxide dismutase) in individuals’ blood. Other examination in people and animals has repeated these discoveries.

To make it a stride further, a review in Plant Food sources for Human Nutrition tried to discover what eating entire purple potatoes meant for blood vessel solidness, which can prompt hypertension and coronary illness. Individuals in this review were either given 200 g of purple potato (around 1 medium potato) loaded with anthocyanins or 200 g of white potato with immaterial anthocyanins. Following fourteen days, blood pressure fundamentally improved for those eating purple potatoes contrasted with white potatoes.

Cuts Inflammation

Could purple potatoes assist with diminishing inflammation ? A recent report investigated a Taiwanese sort of purple potatoes to respond to this inquiry. The concentrate specialists made from the potatoes had significant degrees of mitigating intensifies that likewise could repress future inflammation advancement. These mixtures are thought to slow the development of cancer also.

A few investigations have checked out what organs explicitly could profit from the mixtures in purple potatoes, to be specific the liver and kidneys. Up until this point, a large portion of these investigations have been done on mice or rodents. In any case, a new report in Food Science followed 17 healthy men to perceive what purple potato separate meant for the inflammation that can occur later an enormous, high-carb meal. Indeed, even four hours subsequent to eating, the men had further developed absorption and decreased degrees of post-meal inflammation. Counting antioxidant-rich food sources, like purple potatoes, with a meal can assist your body with getting what it needs and less of what it doesn’t.


Cancer is a convoluted illness, yet antioxidants make them guarantee exploration to back up their hostile to cancer potential. Purple potatoes are no special case. The sort of antioxidants and mitigating compounds in purple potatoes have been found to stunt cancer cell development. This is an interesting ramifications for a couple of explicit sorts of cancer. A review in the Diary of Nutritional Organic chemistry observed that prepared purple potato and purple potato separate dialed back one of the controllers for colon cancer development (called beta-catenin), and restrained a few of its perilous side-effects from shaping. This could be uplifting news for the future therapy of this normal cancer type. Moreover, a recent report found promising outcomes for purple potatoes’ anthocyanins focusing on and stifling bladder cancer cells. However potatoes are not a viable replacement for therapy, their strong antioxidant compounds really do show potential to help forestall and slow down the improvement of a few sorts of cancer cells.

Bottom Line

Purple potatoes have a large number of health benefits, the majority of which come from their high antioxidant content. Eating them might assist cut with bringing down on inflammation and harm that can prompt ongoing ailments, similar to coronary illness and cancer. There are a lot of convincing motivations to get these splendidly hued marvels on your plate. For more motivation, look at our Healthy Potato Plans.