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How Much Sleep Do You Need To Improve Your Mood ?

How Much Sleep Do You Need To Improve Your Mood?

Lack of sleep can seriously affect your mood. When you don’t get enough sleep or have a restless night, even minor things can make you irritable or moody. Insufficient sleep doesn’t make us more rational. So, how much sleep is needed to feel emotionally balanced and at our best?

How Much Sleep Do You Need To Improve Your Mood

Eight Hours

To function well and keep a positive mindset, it’s recommended to get eight hours of sleep. It’s not surprising that maintaining a good mood also requires eight hours of sleep. Research conducted by Jawbone supports this finding. So, having a full eight hours of sleep can help you feel cheerful and positive. Consider it a good reason to get some extra shut-eye!

Good Mood

Jawbone, a company that creates activity trackers, analyzed data from numerous users to examine the impact of sleep patterns on mood. They discovered that individuals who slept for around eight to nine or nine-and-a-half hours per night had the most positive mood. However, if you sleep even longer than that, your mood may actually decrease again. So, sleeping excessively might not be advantageous either.

A Little More

If you consistently sleep for eight hours each night but don’t feel any change in your mood, or if you go to bed early and get enough sleep but still feel grumpy and tired, you might benefit from sleeping a bit longer. Adding an extra hour to your sleep can make you wake up feeling five percent happier. So, the key to a good mood is getting plenty of sleep but not going overboard. That way, you’ll always start your day in a positive way!


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