Importance of Skin Care And Necessity of Clinical Skin Care

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Skin care is an important cleansing aid technology

Skin care is included in the “cleanliness assistance” technique in nursing education. Assistance in cleanliness behavior is one of the important cares from various aspects, such as not only refreshing the patient but also reducing the risk of various infections.

“Cleanliness is a basic human desire, and cleaning makes us feel refreshed.” “In addition, massage improves blood flow and nutrients are taken in through the skin to keep the skin healthy. And cleanliness care is also a place of communication with the patient.

Not only maintaining healthy skin, but also dealing with skin problems

“A general term for care given to maintain or improve the physiological function of the skin. Specifically, cleaning to remove irritants, foreign substances, infection sources, etc. from the skin, skin and irritants, foreign substances, infections. It refers to a coating that blocks the source, reduces photo thermal stimulation and physical irritation to the skin, moisturizes the stratum corneum to retain water, and removes water to prevent skin infiltration. “

The key to this definition is that skin care goes beyond maintaining healthy skin to “improve” the physiology of the skin. Specifically, it means providing appropriate care for various skin problems caused by fragile skin. Originally, dealing with skin problems was mainly the role of certified nurses for skin and excretion care. This is because skin problems such as Skin-Thea, IAD (incontinence-related dermatitis), and peri-stoma dermatitis require professional involvement.

Skin care is not an advanced and special technique, but a general technique for nurses

Where super-aging is progressing rapidly, the number of elderly people with fragile skin has increased dramatically. In particular, Skin-Thea was also a notable topic. In the FY2018 medical fee revision, “skin fragility (skin-tea possession, history)” was newly added as one of the risk factors for pressure ulcers. The skin-tea assessment will be performed by a general nurse, not a certified skin and excretion care nurse. Dealing with fragile skin, which is increasing due to the aging of the population, has become a technique acquired by general nurses rather than a technique specialized by specialized nurses.

“Skin care is based on highly specialized technology as the number of elderly people increases rapidly in the future and the evolution of nursing technology. It will change to the daily work of nurses with a certain level of education. In other words, in any facility, there is a need for nurses who can perform skin care for these elderly people on a ward basis or on a visiting nursing station basis. The time has come. ” In the future clinical practice, skin care link nurses will be needed. Therefore, the Society has decided to start training “clinical skin care nurses”.

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