Importance of Skin Care And Necessity of Clinical Skin Care

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Why do you need moisturizer? Keeping moisture with proper daily care

The basis of skin care is “moisturizing”. After all, “moisturizing” is important for both whitening and beautiful skin. It’s a well-known fact these days, but it’s not well known why it’s so important for the skin to moisturize.

Therefore, this time, I will go one step further and talk about the importance of moisturizing that can avoid various skin problems. We will also introduce useful information to keep your skin moisturized, such as moisturizing cosmetics and basics of skin care, so please refer to it.

Why do you need to moisturize your skin?

The biggest cause of skin trouble is “dryness”

What is the effect of dryness on the skin? First, think about why your skin dries and what it looks like when it dries.

Why does my skin dry?

  1. Drying the air

During the period from autumn to winter when the humidity drops significantly, the skin is also deprived of water and becomes dry. Also, regardless of the condition of the outside air, if you use a cooler, the humidity will drop and your skin will become dry.

  • Ultraviolet rays

The surface of the skin has a protective film (skin barrier function) due to the moisture of the skin. Ultraviolet rays have the effect of oxidizing this protective film. When the protective film is damaged, the water in the skin easily evaporates, and in order to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, the keratin becomes thicker (in the state of “hyperkeratosis”), making it difficult to store water.

  • Wrong face washing method

Wrong face washing has a high risk of drying your skin.

How to wash your face that hurt your skin?

  • Apply facial cleanser to your face without foaming firmly
  • Wash by scrubbing
  • Wash with hot water at high temperature to remove oil necessary for skin
  • Wash face too often

What kind of skin will you get when it dries?

The following are some of the most common problems with skin that has lost its skin barrier due to dry skin.

  • It looks bulky and may blow powder.
  • It becomes sensitive to various stimuli (it becomes sensitive skin).
  • It is easy to cause pain and itching due to inflammation.
  • Old keratin cannot be discharged well and pores. of inflammation and acne, the opportunity to create and pimples become poor-make glue
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