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Keep Your Bananas Fresh With These Easy Tips!

Keep Your Bananas Fresh With These Easy Tips!

Bananas are yummy as a snack, breakfast, or in a smoothie. When you buy bananas, you usually get a bunch of them. Sometimes, a few bananas in the bunch go bad before you can eat them. If you eat bananas every day, it’s not a problem. But if you don’t, here’s how you can keep your bananas fresh!

Cool, Dark And Dry

If you have a fruit bowl, it’s logical to keep your bananas there too. After all, bananas are fruits. However, bananas prefer a different environment. They prefer to be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. But don’t make the mistake of putting them in the fridge, as they don’t like extreme cold. Refrigeration can actually make them spoil faster. Instead, simply keep them in a cabinet. This way, you can enjoy your bananas for a few more days.

Cling Film

To keep your banana from getting too ripe, you can use plastic wrap. Just wrap the bottom part of the banana with the wrap. This stops the ripening process from spreading further, so your banana won’t become overripe.

In case you’re wondering, the bottom of the banana is the part where the stem is. The opposite side has a small black tip, which is the remains of the banana flower that grows from it. That tip is actually the top of the banana. It may be surprising, but bananas grow upward from the stem, making it the bottom.

Overripe Banana

If your bananas are getting too brown and sad, don’t throw them away immediately. Instead, you can use them in various recipes. For instance, you can make banana bread, muffins, or add them to your smoothie. Overripe or brown bananas might not be tasty on their own, but they can still be delicious when used in snacks with a banana flavor. You can even freeze muffins or banana bread to enjoy them later. By following these tips, you can make sure to eat all the bananas before they spoil.


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