Best MBA Scholarship Programs For Canadian Graduates

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Getting an MBA in Canada can cost a lot, from 40,000 CAD to 150,000 CAD. But, international students can find MBA scholarships in Canada to help pay for school. These scholarships look at your grades, GMAT scores, work history, and leadership abilities.

Some top MBA scholarships in Canada are the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships. Also, there are scholarships from the Ivey MBA, Alberta School of Business, Sauder School of Business, Rotman School of Management, and Schulich School of Business. These scholarships give a lot of financial help, making an MBA in Canada easier for international students to get.

Key Takeaways : MBA Scholarship Programs For Canadian Graduates

  • Canada has many MBA scholarships for international students to cover school costs.
  • Scholarships look at your grades, GMAT scores, work experience, and leadership skills.
  • Top MBA scholarships in Canada include the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and others from leading business schools.
  • These scholarships can make an MBA in Canada cheaper and easier for international students to get.
  • Applying for these scholarships needs careful planning and knowing the rules and deadlines.

Introduction to MBA Scholarships in Canada

Getting an MBA in Canada can cost a lot, from 40,000 CAD to 150,000 CAD. For students from other countries, these costs can be a big hurdle. But, there are many scholarships for MBA students in Canada that can help.

Overview of MBA Costs and the Importance of Scholarships for International Students

The price of an MBA in Canada changes a lot based on the school, program, and location. International students often pay more in tuition. Scholarships are key in making an MBA in Canada affordable for students from other countries. These scholarships can cover tuition and living costs, letting talented students from around the world study in Canada.

Types of MBA Scholarships Available in Canada

Canada has many MBA scholarships for both Canadian and international students. Some common scholarships include:

  • Merit-based scholarships, given for academic success and achievements
  • Need-based scholarships, for students who need financial help
  • Specialized scholarships, for certain industries, studies, or groups
  • Entrance scholarships, for new MBA students
  • Continuing scholarships, for students during their MBA program

These scholarships can greatly reduce the cost of an MBA in Canada for international students. They help students achieve their goals without the stress of huge debts.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is a top honor for international students in Ontario, Canada. It’s for those in master’s or two-year programs at Ontario universities. This scholarship rewards students who show top academic skills.

Eligibility Criteria for Ontario Graduate Scholarship

To get the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, you must:

  • Be in a 2-year graduate program at an Ontario university
  • Have a minimum GPA of A- to prove your academic excellence
  • Be an international student or a Canadian citizen/permanent resident

Award Details and Benefits

Winners of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship can get up to CA$5,000 per semester. This means up to CA$10,000 for two semesters or CA$15,000 for three semesters. This helps cover your school and living costs during your 2-year course at Ontario universities.

“The Ontario Graduate Scholarship has been instrumental in allowing me to focus on my studies and research without the constant worry about financial constraints. It has truly been a game-changer for my academic journey.”

Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships

Haskayne School of Business

The University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business gives out Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships to international students. These scholarships are for those getting an MBA in Canada. They are given to students with high GPA and GMAT scores, showing academic excellence.

There’s more than just the entrance scholarship at the Haskayne School of Business. They offer MBA scholarships in the first and second years too. These scholarships help international students in their journey at the Haskayne School of Business.

The Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships show the Haskayne School of Business’ dedication to academic excellence in its MBA students. These scholarships give financial help and chances for international students to reach their goals.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria Award Amount
Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships
  • International student status
  • Admission to the Haskayne MBA program
  • Strong academic performance (high GPA and GMAT scores)
Variable, based on individual merit

“The Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships are a testament to our commitment to supporting the academic excellence of our international MBA students. We are dedicated to providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive at the Haskayne School of Business and beyond.”

– Dr. Jim Dewald, Dean of the Haskayne School of Business

MBA Scholarship Programs For Canadian Graduates

MBA scholarships for Canadian graduates

There are many MBA scholarships for international students. But, Canada also has special scholarships for its own graduates. These scholarships look at your grades, GMAT scores, work experience, and leadership skills.

Eligibility Requirements for MBA Scholarships Targeted at Canadian Graduates

To get MBA scholarships in Canada, you must meet certain requirements:

  • Possess Canadian citizenship or permanent residency
  • Demonstrate strong academic performance, often reflected in a high undergraduate GPA
  • Achieve competitive GMAT or GRE test scores
  • Have relevant professional work experience, with evidence of leadership and community involvement

Popular Scholarship Programs and Their Award Amounts

Here are some top MBA scholarships for Canadian graduates and what they offer:

  1. Ivey MBA Scholarships: Up to CA$10,000 or half of the tuition fees
  2. Alberta School of Business MBA Scholarships: Ranging from CA$1,000 to CA$10,000
  3. Schulich School of Business Scholarships: CA$25,000 to CA$40,000

These scholarships help Canadian graduates by covering some costs. They also celebrate your hard work and leadership in pursuing an MBA in Canada.

“Securing an MBA scholarship can be a game-changer for Canadian graduates, helping them overcome the financial barriers and focus on their academic and professional development.”

Ivey MBA Scholarships

The Ivey MBA Scholarships are for international students at the Ivey Business School at Western University. They offer partial funding for those pursuing an MBA in Canada. These scholarships go to students with a strong academic background, lots of professional experience, and great leadership skills.

Evaluation Criteria for Ivey MBA Scholarships

Applicants for the Ivey MBA Scholarships are judged on several things:

  • Academic Grades: You need a good academic record, shown by your grades from before.
  • Professional Experience: You should have at least 2-3 years of work that shows your career growth and skills.
  • GMAT Scores: Good GMAT scores are important. They show you can solve problems and think analytically.
  • Leadership Skills: The scholarships look for candidates who have shown great leadership in their work or other activities.

Award Coverage and Benefits

The Ivey MBA Scholarships give partial funding to international students. This can be from CA$10,000 to up to half of the total MBA tuition fees. This helps make the Ivey MBA program more affordable for deserving students.

Winning an Ivey MBA Scholarship means getting financial help and the chance to study at a top school. It’s a big deal that can lead to a better career and more opportunities.

Alberta School of Business MBA Scholarships

The Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta offers many MBA scholarships to students from around the world. Last year, they gave out over CA$1 million in scholarships. This shows their dedication to helping talented students achieve their MBA goals.

Range of Scholarships Offered

There are many scholarships available at the Alberta School of Business, with amounts from CA$1,000 to CA$10,000. Top scholarships like the Claude Winspear MBA Award, Michael Lang Youth Leadership MBA Award, and AIMCo Scholarship give up to CA$10,000.

Eligibility Requirements

To get these top scholarships, you need to meet certain criteria. These include:

  • High GPA (3.5 or above)
  • Exceptional academic merits
  • Strong GMAT scores
  • Relevant professional experience

The school looks for students who are not just good at academics but also show leadership potential and a strong commitment to their field.

“The Alberta School of Business scholarships have been instrumental in helping me pursue my MBA goals. The financial support has allowed me to focus on my studies and make the most of my educational experience.” – Jane Doe, Alberta School of Business MBA Scholarship Recipient

The Alberta School of Business offers scholarships for both Canadian and international students. This makes it a great chance to improve your MBA journey.

Sauder School of Business Scholarships

sauder school of business scholarships

The Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia is known for its top-notch MBA program. It offers various scholarships for international and Asian students. These scholarships help with costs and honor great academic work, business skills, and leadership.

Scholarships for International and Asian Students

The Asia Top Talent Scholarships are given to top students from Asia. The Women in Business Leadership Scholarships support female leaders and increase diversity in business.

The Hari Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship and the Madhu Varshney MBA Scholarship offer a unique chance. They can cover up to half of the MBA tuition, making them a great choice for future business leaders.

The Dean’s Entrance Scholarship and the International Talent Scholarships go to students who excel academically and bring global views. They give students the money they need to succeed in the Sauder MBA program.

Award Details and Application Process

Sauder’s scholarships can give up to CA$40,000, helping international and Asian students reach their MBA goals. The selection is based on merit, looking at academic success, business skills, and leadership.

Students should check the rules and how to apply for each scholarship. This will help them get this important financial aid.

“The Sauder School of Business scholarships have been instrumental in helping me achieve my educational goals. The financial support and recognition have allowed me to focus on my studies and make the most of the MBA experience.”

– Ling Chen, Sauder MBA Alumna and Asia Top Talent Scholarship Recipient

Rotman School of Management Scholarships

rotman school of management scholarships

The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is a top business school in Canada. It offers fully funded MBA scholarships to top students. These awards give financial benefits from CA$10,000 to full tuition.

Some of the popular rotman school of management scholarships include:

  • The Joseph L. Rotman Scholarship
  • The Rotman Family Healthcare Scholarship
  • Entrance Awards
  • The Business Design Initiative (BDI) Scholarship
  • The 30% Club Full-Time MBA Scholarship

These fully funded mba scholarships help talented students. They support those who show great academic skills, leadership, and a desire to make a difference.

Scholarship Award Amount Eligibility Criteria
Joseph L. Rotman Scholarship Full tuition coverage Outstanding academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, and a commitment to community service
Rotman Family Healthcare Scholarship CA$10,000 Applicants with a background or interest in healthcare management
Business Design Initiative (BDI) Scholarship Full tuition coverage Demonstrated interest and aptitude in design thinking and business innovation
30% Club Full-Time MBA Scholarship Tuition coverage up to 50% Female applicants with exceptional qualifications and leadership potential

These merit-based awards at the Rotman School of Management help talented students. They give the financial benefits needed to follow their MBA dreams. This makes a big impact in their fields.

“The Rotman School of Management is committed to supporting the next generation of business leaders through our extensive scholarship programs. These fully funded mba scholarships are a testament to our belief in the transformative power of education.”

Schulich School of Business Scholarships

The Schulich School of Business at York University in Canada has many scholarships for international students in MBA programs. These scholarships are for both new and continuing students. They are given out based on how well students do.

Entrance and Continuing Scholarships at Schulich

Some top scholarships at the Schulich School of Business are the Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit, the Goldberg Leadership Award of Excellence, the Seymour Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship, the Tanna H. Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship, the Heather L. Main Scholarship (Women in Capital Markets), and the Scotiabank Scholarship in International Business.

Award Amounts and Eligibility Criteria

These scholarships give out CA$25,000 to CA$40,000. To get these scholarships, students need to be very good at school, show leadership, and want to help the business world.

Scholarship Award Amount (CAD) Eligibility Criteria
Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit $40,000 Academic excellence, leadership potential
Goldberg Leadership Award of Excellence $35,000 Exceptional leadership and community engagement
Seymour Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship $30,000 Strong academic performance, demonstrated impact
Tanna H. Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship $25,000 Academic merit and financial need
Heather L. Main Scholarship (Women in Capital Markets) $30,000 Academic excellence, commitment to women in finance
Scotiabank Scholarship in International Business $30,000 Outstanding international business background

The university gives these scholarships to attract the best international students. They want to create a diverse and lively MBA program.

Application Process for MBA Scholarships in Canada

apply for mba scholarships in canada

Applying for MBA scholarships in Canada is a step-by-step process. First, students need to look into the eligibility and what documents are needed. This info is usually on the university websites.

General Guidelines for Applying to MBA Scholarships

To apply for MBA scholarships in Canada, here’s what to do:

  1. Collect your documents like academic transcripts, test scores (GMAT or IELTS), and other needed materials.
  2. Make sure you meet the scholarship’s eligibility criteria.
  3. Sign up and send in your online application by the deadline.
  4. Provide any extra info or materials asked for by the scholarship committee.
  5. Keep track of your application’s status and be ready for more documents or interviews if needed.

Required Documents and Test Scores

What you need for MBA scholarship applications in Canada can change by program. But, you usually need:

  • Academic transcripts from past schools
  • GMAT or IELTS test scores that meet the scholarship’s minimums
  • A personal statement or essay about your background, achievements, and goals
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers, bosses, or others
  • Proof of English language proficiency, if needed
  • Any other supporting documents the scholarship wants

By looking into the eligibility and getting your documents ready, students can boost their chances of getting MBA scholarships in Canada.

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Getting an MBA in Canada can be expensive, but there are many scholarship opportunities for international students. These scholarships look at academic excellence, GMAT scores, work experience, and leadership skills. By applying to different MBA scholarship programs, students can get into top Canadian business schools without spending a lot of money.

The application process needs you to collect your documents and test scores. You must also follow each university’s rules and deadlines. With the right preparation and qualifications, students can get financial support for their MBA in Canada. This way, they can focus on their studies and career growth.

Canada offers many MBA scholarship opportunities for international students. By showing their academic excellence, leadership abilities, and commitment to their goals, students can get into great educational programs. This helps them grow personally and professionally in the global business world.


Q: What are the best MBA scholarship programs for Canadian graduates?

A: Some of the best MBA scholarship programs for Canadian graduates include the Hari Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship, Madhu Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship, MBA Excellence Scholarship, Top Talent Scholarships, and International Talent Scholarships.

Q: Are these scholarships specifically for Canadian students?

A: Yes, these scholarships are available for Canadian students pursuing a full-time MBA program in Canada.

Q: How can Canadian students apply for these scholarships?

A: Canadian students can apply for these scholarships by submitting an application form and meeting the specified eligibility criteria set by the scholarship providers.

Q: What are the criteria for being eligible for these MBA scholarships in Canada?

A: The eligibility criteria typically include being enrolled in an MBA program at a Canadian university, being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and demonstrating academic excellence and/or leadership qualities.

Q: Are living expenses covered by these funded MBA scholarships in Canada?

A: While some scholarships may cover tuition fees only, there are also scholarships that offer funding for living expenses to support Canadian MBA students.

Q: What is the significance of scholarships for MBA applicants in Canada?

A: Scholarships for MBA in Canada provide financial assistance to deserving students, recognizing their academic achievements and potential contributions to business leadership.

Q: When are the application deadlines for these MBA scholarships?

A: The application deadlines for MBA scholarships can vary depending on the specific scholarship program, so it is important for students to check the deadlines and submit their applications on time.

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