Nothing Gives Us Something, a Sweet Earbud Concept

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Nothing, the evident vaporware organization with a infectious name from OnePlus fellow benefactor Carl Pei, has given a take a gander at its first idea gadget this week, an earbud that it doesn’t plan to sell. Correct, Nothing is giving us nothing and we’re just about over this promotion gibberish. Give us something to purchase already!

In a late blog entry, Nothing went over its central goal once more, which is to “eliminate hindrances among innovation and individuals to make a consistent advanced future. We imagine a future where innovation is so exceptional and flawlessly incorporated into our lives that it seems like nothing, yet is everywhere.”

Oh lord.

The above picture is of Concept 1, the first thing we’ve seen from Nothing. It’s a transparent remote earbud, which the organization says, “takes motivation from a grandma’s tobacco pipe.” I don’t exactly see it, however my grandma didn’t toke a pipe, so I have no idea.

Concept 1 will not dispatch as it’s just a idea, yet Nothing plans to impart more ideas and thoughts to us as it were. I’m doing whatever it takes not to be discourteous or brutal, simply having a piece of fun. I believe we’re all prepared to perceive what Nothing is truly up to. In the event that it’s all beginning with transparent earbuds, that is cool, yet how about we advise them that the bar has been set high and it’s they, at the end of the day, who set it there with this senseless promotion stuff.


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