OnePlus Watch Gets the Launch Confirmation We Needed

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The OnePlus Watch will appear on March 23 close by the OnePlus 9 arrangement, the organization affirmed today. In a short mystery on Twitter and a subsequent post to their discussions, OnePlus prodded the wearable with a bunch of pictures and a touch of word play by referring to “clock” and “watch” and “time” all through their entrance. They weren’t unpretentious, yet that was kind of the point.

We all know the OnePlus Watch has been in the works for quite a while and was affirmed as coming early this year from OnePlus CEO Pete Lau. We figure it may come in two sizes and are trusting that it winds up running Wear OS, yet have doubts.

The Wear OS piece of this story truly is a quite central issue mark. OnePlus has said openly that they are working with Google to all the more likely Wear OS, yet they’ve never formally attached this impending watch to Wear OS and have rather generally discussed them as isolated subjects. That absolutely has me stressed that OnePlus will rather deliver a wellness centered watch that is a greater amount of a move up to their recently delivered wellness band instead of an independent Wear OS gadget. Indeed, we’ve just seen alludes to the watch sharing the OnePlus Health application with the OnePlus Band.

OnePlus did in any event reveal to us that the OnePlus Watch will help keep us “sound, dependable and even deals with you while you rest.” To decipher there, that implies it’ll be a wellbeing tracker, keep the time, and have rest following. Wear OS actually doesn’t have rest following, so except if OnePlus has an arrangement to assemble it in there, I will continue inclining towards this being only a redesigned form of the OnePlus Band without Google’s OS behind it.

In the pictures beneath, we get a few clues at the plan with what has all the earmarks of being an elastic game band and metal casing with a lot of bends. That is had the opportunity to be a round watch, right?

Only a couple of days to go!

OnePlus Watch


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