Prevent Your Pot From Boiling Over With These Tips

Do you ever experience this? You’re cooking and suddenly, you get distracted for a moment while boiling potatoes or pasta. And before you realize it, water has spilled everywhere and your stove starts making a scary gurgling noise because the pot has boiled over. But don’t worry! With this simple trick, that won’t happen again in the future!

TikTok Hack

If you’re looking for clever cleaning and cooking tips, TikTok is the place to be! There’s a popular trick that’s spreading like wildfire, and it’s incredibly simple for anyone to try. A user named @Sidneyraz shared a video revealing the secret, and it’s been shared by many others. Can you guess what the secret is? It’s a wooden spoon!

How To Do It

All you need is a wooden spoon. It’s that easy! When your pot is about to boil over, simply place the spoon on top of it (not inside) and observe. When the bubbles reach the spoon, they will burst because the spoon is cooler than the bubbles, causing them to turn into liquid. The only catch is that this method only works if you place the spoon on the pot just as it’s about to boil over. If you put it on at the beginning of cooking, the spoon will get too hot and the trick won’t work anymore.

Other Tricks

If you get easily distracted when cooking dinner, the spoon-trick might not help you. You need to focus on the pot and place the spoon on it before it boils over. But don’t worry, there are other tricks you can try. One of them is adding oil to the pot. The oil prevents the water from foaming or boiling over by reducing its surface tension.

With these tricks, whether you’re good at cooking or not, your pot will never boil over again!


Source : Image : Unsplash