Discover The Reasons Behind People’s Love For Horror Movies

Some people enjoy feeling scared! Do you like horror movies? Some people really enjoy getting scared, and watching a horror movie is a great way to get that thrilling rush of adrenaline. But did you know there’s a psychological reason behind our fascination with horror? That’s why people love being scared.


Adrenaline is one of the reasons why being scared can be beneficial. It gives you a feeling of strength, as if you could take on anything. Your brain, however, doesn’t always distinguish between real danger and fictional threats. According to Krista Jordan, a clinical psychologist, the brain sometimes forgets that what it’s seeing is not a real danger and reacts as if it were. This adrenaline rush makes watching horror movies a pleasurable experience for some.


Another reason we enjoy watching horror movies is the sense of preparation they provide. While it’s highly unlikely that a killer will chase us around our house, we still like the feeling of being ready for such situations. Coltan Scrivner, a PhD candidate, explains that it’s about learning to predict and understand the world around us. We observe how fictional characters react in different threatening situations and use that knowledge to feel more prepared ourselves.

Horror movies not only help us feel prepared, but they also allow us to practice coping strategies. Scrivner believes that frequent viewers of horror movies learn how to deal with uncertainty, suspense, and anxiety. This research even suggests that horror fans are more resilient in the face of challenges like the pandemic. They are building a toolkit for handling fear and anxiety.


The feeling of safety also contributes to the enjoyment of horror movies. Margot Levin, a clinical psychologist, explains that watching scary things in a controlled environment fulfills a craving we all have. It’s like a toddler running away from a parent, feeling a bit scared, and then returning to safety. It’s about playing with danger while having a sense of security. Finishing a horror movie gives people a sense of accomplishment, which makes them feel good.

So now you know why you enjoy watching scary movies!


source image : Unsplash