Rogers, Bell and Telus offering limited-time $80/30GB unlimited plans

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The Big Three transporters have turned out new $80 each month plans with 30GB of ‘unlimited’ data.

$80/30GB isn’t terrible an awful arrangement contrasted with what Rogers, Bell and Telus commonly offer, despite the fact that $80 each month is a precarious request numerous individuals. In any case, the individuals who need heaps of information will probably discover the arrangement engaging. Beside the $80/30GB featuring offers, a portion of the transporters have $100/50GB plans too.

There are a couple of significant similitudes between the Rogers, Bell and Telus unlimited information plans. These plans offer a measure of information at average organization speed — for this situation, 30GB. Supporters who utilize more than the designated sum will actually want to keep utilizing information at a choked speed of up to 512Kbps and will not be charged overage expenses. Another likeness is they all incorporate unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting.

We’ll separate the plans via transporter underneath, since there are a few contrasts as well.


Rogers at present offers three “restricted time” bargains on its site, including the principle $80/30GB deal.

  • $80/30GB (Normally 15GB of information, just accessible for new enactments and equipment upgrades)
  • $85/35GB (Normally 25GB of data)
  • $100/50GB (Normally $125 per month)

Those bargains are superior to what Rogers’ had accessible previously, which included $80/20GB and $85/25GB. Strangely, both were recorded as limited-time offers, albeit the site presently infers the $85/25GB arrangement is the run of the mill offer and $85/35GB is the new restricted time deal.

You can learn more about Rogers’ plans here.(*’s) current arrangements are maybe the most bizarre of the Big Three at this moment. The transporter has the accompanying alternatives available:



  • $85/30GB
  • $100/30GB (incorporates
  • Canada/U.S. calling)unlimited$100/50GB
  • Oddly,

records the $80/30GB Bell $100/30GB with U.S. calling and as accessible for new actuations plans updates just, yet that mark is just on the organization’s and. Survey the ‘Promotions page‘ page shows the special $80/30GB arrangement, however does exclude the new enactments just label.Unlimited Data plansAlso of note is that

doesn’t have a contending $85/35GB arrangement, Bell rather a $85/30GB alternative (which the transporter turned out before in March). At long last, offering has a $100/50GB arrangement like Rogers, yet it’s not set apart as a limited time offer.BellYou can

.view the Bell plans hereFinally,


‘ bargains are comparable, yet somewhat extraordinary. One key distinction with Telus’ Telus is the organization offers what it calls ‘True serenity’ plans ‘True serenity Connect’ and. Significant serenity alludes explicitly to its plans information alternatives, while the ‘Interface’ variations typically cost somewhat more each month unlimited permit endorsers of associate extra gadgets like smartwatches or tablets to their and information plan.unlimited$80/30GB Peace of Mind

  • $90/30GB Peace of Mind Connect
  • $100/50GB Peace of Mind Connect
  • It’s important

offers Canada/U.S. considering forms of the 30GB arrangement that cost $20 more each month. Recently, Telus offered $80/20GB Telus $90/25GB and — additional information at a similar cost isn’t bad.plansYou can

.learn more about Telus’ plans hereRead More Interesting Here