Signal’s New Feature is so Important

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Finding a new, refreshed, and secure informing application is a cycle I just proceeded with my family, who all actually use Google Hangouts. Since Hangouts is going to bite the dust and be supplanted with Chat, an application I’ve attempted a few times and never fancied, we wound up choosing Telegram. Wire is fabulous! We likewise considered changing to Signal as a result of its degree of security, yet there was a solitary thing keeping me away from doing that.

Today, Signal is pushing out a component in beta that may have gotten me to stay with it. As indicated by the application’s changelog, Signal has added an approach to “rapidly and safely move your Signal data to a fresh out of the box new Android telephone.” That’s big!

As somebody who continually changes telephones and furthermore needs to help relatives when they do a similar consistently or so, not having the option to handily move your Signal record to another gadget seemed like an over the top agony. With this new element, Signal is utilizing your old and new telephone to safely (start to finish encryption) move everything over, as long as they are near one another. It does this utilizing a private nearby WiFi association between the two.

Users of Signal, sell me on it. Did I commit an error in going with Telegram?

Google Play Link: Signal

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