Sonos Roam is Super Portable and Costs $169

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Sonos opened up its freshest speaker today as the Sonos Roam, its most compact speaker to date. This additionally turns out to be the most reasonable from Sonos and comes in at $169.

Packed with WiFi, multi-room listening capacities, and voice controls, this is especially a Sonos speaker that could space in with the remainder of your Sonos home arrangement. Nonetheless, when you choose to carry the beats with you, it’s convenient, has Bluetooth, is IP67 water and dust safe, and will keep going up 10 hours on a charge. It even has drop opposition, should you be stressed over dealing with your $170 Bluetooth speaker.

The Roam utilizes Trueplay tuning to adjust sound to your environmental factors, has on-gadget controls, charges over USB-C or on any Qi remote charger, and works if its resting or standing up.

You can purchase Sonos Roam in one or the other dark or white through pre-orders that are open at this point. The Roam ships on April 20.

Sonos Roam

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