Best New Features of the Nest Hub (second Gen)

Google presented the new Nest Hub (second Gen) today as a move up to their unique Nest Hub, which is currently more than two years of age. The new Nest Hub has been improved in a number of ways, yet the huge selling point here is that it can follow your rest utilizing Motion Sense, … Read more

Google reveals 2nd-gen Nest Hub with new sleep tracking features

While (*’s) revived Google (2020) looks fundamentally the same as its archetype, it incorporates a few prominent Nest featuresAlong sound innovation with says is very much like the great sounding Google Audio’s, the Nest presently Nest Hub 50% more bass and bigger drivers. The gadget additionally now incorporates three amplifiers rather than two, ‘String’ … Read more

Pinterest announces plans to open new engineering hub in Toronto

Pinterest has reported plans to grow its Toronto office and open a new engineering hub in the city. The organization says it plans to recruit 50 new representatives in 2021, including first-time jobs in engineering, deals, bits of knowledge and marketing. “Our new engineering office in Toronto will help Pinterest access elite engineering and AI … Read more