How Library Closures Hurt Adult Learners as Kids Doubled Down on Digital Reading – NewsClicks24

Library terminations hit benefactors hard—particularly the individuals who depended on them as their primary web source and utilized them to get to online instructive assets. Educators refer to the difficulties of distant guidance as a top explanation behind find employment elsewhere during the pandemic. What’s more, kids twofold down on advanced perusing—all in this Edtech … Read more

Google adding kids profiles to Google TV operating system

Google will be adding kids profiles to its Google TV operating system to make it simpler for guardians to oversee what their kids are watching on the platform. This update is turning out soon in the U.S. also, worldwide throughout the following not many months. Up until this point, the solitary way to get Google … Read more

Not Fair: Why Do Only Kids Get Custom Themes on Google TV?

Google made children profiles official for Google TV this week, first noted to be “coming soon” toward the beginning of February. Presently they’re true and children the nation over will be bouncing for delight when they see what’s inside. Think of the new children profiles as fairly watered down Google TV encounters, with access restricted … Read more