Google says Chrome 89 manages memory better, improves performance

In a post on its Chromium Blog, Google asserted that variant 89 of its Chrome programs brings a few performance enhancements to macOS, Windows and Android. It’s uplifting news for those actually utilizing Chrome, albeit some other Chromium-based programs have been offering predominant performance for some time now. If you’re keen on all the quick … Read more

Performance Testing with K6 – NewsClicks24

Stay on Top of Enterprise Technology Trends Get refreshes affecting your industry from our NewsClicks24 Research Community The issue isn’t that trying is the bottleneck. The issue is that you don’t have a clue what’s in the container. That is a difficult that testing addresses. — Michael Bolton, creator, “Quick Software Testing.” You will not … Read more

Galaxy S21 Exynos vs Snapdragon: Performance benchmarks

Samsung’s Exynos processors have never fully had the option to satisfy their Snapdragon partners. Regardless of whether we’re discussing the 990 in the S20 or the 850 during the A21s, Qualcomm’s chips have consistently appreciated an agreeable lead with regards to power and performance. That may be changing with the most current Exynos 2100 processor … Read more