Bell offering $85/30GB promo plan, $105/30GB plan with Canada/U.S. calling

Bell Mobile is presently offering a $85/30GB limitless plan for new customers. The special plan sits pleasantly between (*’s) $80/20GB and $125/50GB plans. An extra $5 each month for 10GB more information isn’t bad.BellFurther, the offers ‘limitless’ information. That implies endorsers get 30GB of information at average organization speed. In any case, rather than overage … Read more

Rogers offering $80/20GB, $85/25GB promo plans

Rogers has two “limited time” plans accessible that give clients some extra data. First up, Rogers has a $80/20GB ‘Limitless’ plan. Normally, the arrangement offers 15GB of limitless information, nonetheless, the transporter has increased the arrangement to 20GB temporarily. Lamentably, Rogers additionally confines this arrangement as a proposal for new clients and existing clients who … Read more