Tesla factory in California had 440 COVID-19 cases last year

(*’s) Alameda County has announced that (*’s) Fremont California has Tesla in any event factory since had May.440 COVID-19 casesYou may recollect this last being the news factory for in opening it without endorsement from the province, and I surmise these numbers represent that it ought to have remained closed.last yearreports that this measure of … Read more

Tesla Model S Plaid+ gets $10,000 increase

The best in class Tesla Plaid+ Model S trim is presently $10,000 more costly than it was previously, with another beginning cost of $199,990. The other Model S manages still expenses $114,999 for the Long Range and $159,990 for the Plaid option. In the U.S., there are reports of more modest knocks on the Model … Read more

Tesla V3 Supercharger goes live in West Kelowna, B.C.

B.C. Tesla proprietors will before long have more places to energize their vehicles. A new Tesla Supercharger station has opened in West Kelowna, B.C., while development started on another in North Vancouver. Tesla North gave an account of the new charging stations, refering to Telsa Motors Club forum user ‘@MontrealTesla,’ who shared that the West … Read more