Pinterest announces plans to open new engineering hub in Toronto

Pinterest has reported plans to grow its Toronto office and open a new engineering hub in the city. The organization says it plans to recruit 50 new representatives in 2021, including first-time jobs in engineering, deals, bits of knowledge and marketing. “Our new engineering office in Toronto will help Pinterest access elite engineering and AI … Read more

Toronto dev creates game about cooking to tell a deeply personal immigration story

Some of the most well known computer games are made in Canada. On the AAA side, you have behemoths like the Mass Effect trilogy (BioWare Edmonton), FIFA (EA Vancouver) and Assassin’s Creed (Ubisoft Montreal), while Canadian independent engineers have created their own substantial hitters, as Cuphead (Oakville, Ontario’s Studio MDHR), Don’t Starve (Vancouver’s Klei Entertainment) and Superbrothers ((*’s) Capy Games).TorontoAltogether, this has assisted … Read more

City of Toronto launches website for booking COVID-19 vaccinations

The city of Toronto has launched a website for booking and enrolling for COVID-19 vaccinations ahead of the region’s forthcoming concentrated online system. Only qualified people are permitted to enlist right now. The website diagrams that the accessibility of immunization arrangements relies upon antibody supply. Provincial prioritization direction expresses that individuals who are 80 years … Read more