Walking Backwards Has Unexpected Health Benefits

Fitness experts say that walking backwards has health benefits. It’s not just something children do; adults can benefit from it too. Research suggests that walking backwards may even be healthier than walking forwards.

Walking Backwards

Walking backwards is harder than walking forwards, as anyone who has tried it knows. It requires more effort and can’t be done automatically. Katie Kollath, a personal trainer and co-founder of Barpath Fitness, says that walking backwards can be a new challenge for both the mind and body. Erin Nitschke, a certified personal trainer and health coach, explains that walking backwards makes the body work harder than walking naturally.


Some of the benefits that might come with walking backward are:

  • Strengthening muscles
  • Better metabolism
  • Better balance and coordination
  • Challenges your brain and sharpens it
  • Less force on your knees

Walking backwards has several benefits, including strengthening muscles, improving metabolism, enhancing balance and coordination, challenging and sharpening the brain, and reducing strain on the knees. That’s why Nitschke recommends incorporating a few minutes of walking backwards into warmup and cooldown routines. Once you feel comfortable with backward walking, you can try other forms of backward movement, such as shuffling or a reverse bear crawl. Kollath emphasizes that incorporating movements in different directions and planes is important for overall fitness throughout life.

So, are you ready to start walking backwards?


Source Image : Unsplash