What Is The Order Of Skin Care To Get Beautiful Skin Quickly ?

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Skin care items that have increased when I noticed, which one should be used in what order? It’s a pity that the order is different and the original effect cannot be maximized. What is the purpose of skin care in the first place? Understand the correct order for better skin care.

The purpose of skin care is to prevent damage in the morning and to keep the skin moisturized at night. We need to change skin care between morning and night.

First of all, in the morning, it is necessary to wash away the sebum accumulated during the night, replenish the lost moisture, and take measures for the external environment such as ultraviolet rays.

[Basic morning skin care order]

Face wash



UV care

The order of basic skin care at night

Replenish oil to protect from dryness at night

Night skin care should be given oil, such as cream, to minimize the amount of water lost while sleeping. Also, if you apply make-up, cleanse first in skin care.

[Basic order of night skin care]


Face wash




Add oil to people who are extremely dry

One option is to apply a generous amount of cream, but add oil to the dry skin of adults. Especially in the morning skin care, if you apply a thick cream, it may cause makeup to break down. Just add a small amount of rich oil before the cream to make it glossy and improve the makeup paste!

The skin after the bath is unprotected and easy to dry! Emergency moisturizing with beauty essence

Have you ever had your skin dry and dry while you were out of the bathroom, wiping your child with a towel and dressing them up? In such a case, moisturize with beauty essence for the time being! An oil essence that moisturizes and nourishes dry, dull skin and makes it shine brightly. I’m glad that it also has a booster effect that loosens the skin and enhances the penetration of cosmetics used afterwards!

Oil first is also available for people in their 30s and 40s!

Oil replenishment is the highest priority for depleted skin!

Of course, the moisture of water is a must, but I have to have more oil. First, apply oil, then apply lotion! Then add cream, then oil again. Oil first, lotion second. Oil is a protection from the age of 50. “

40s sandwich with oil (person’s review)

“Anyway, apply anything to your skin. Toner and cream. All of it is sticky. Start the night with” rush oil “after the bath. If you marinated your skin with oil, it won’t dry. For me, oil is a booster. Next, I’ll skip the lotion and use a beauty solution. If I have time to use the lotion, I want to use a beauty solution that can produce results even a little. Now I’m addicted to retinol. Next is whitening. When I was in my 40s, I was worried about wrinkles around my eyes, so eye care is also a must. The last night is a rich cream and “chasing oil”. Still, I stay up late. So, your skin will eat up your skin care, right? So I put it all over the bedside, and when I lie down, I make it sticky again and replenish the oil. “

The steps of Korean skin care are amazing!

Korean skin care 10 steps

  1. Oil cleansing
  2. Water type cleansing
  3. Exfoliation (keratin care)
  4. Toner (toner)
  5. Essence
  6. Essence
  7. Sheet mask
  8. Eye cream
  9. Moisturizer (moisturizing)
  10. Morning: Sunscreen, Night: Night cream

First of all, oil cleansing that is gentle on the skin makes makeup and UV care refreshing. After that, wash your face with a moist item.

The next thing to take in is keratin care. Originally, keratin care is done 2-3 times a week, but in Korean style, it is almost every day! You should be able to feel the softening of your skin. And finally the lotion comes into play. Add a generous amount with Bashabasha

After applying the popular Doctor’s Cosmetic Essence, apply a whitening serum and a serum that approaches the opening of pores to your skin.

Even if the sheet mask is cheap, use it every day as much as possible. A whitening mask is recommended on days when you are exposed to a lot of UV rays.

To reduce dry wrinkles, use eye cream to take good care of your eyes. A regenerated cream that quickly recovers and improves sensitive skin, and a night cream that rejuvenates the skin, so the oil content is perfect!

10 steps recommended for those who are concerned about acne, dryness during the day, and rough skin! You don’t have to use Korean skin care items. If you can’t do 10 steps, start by thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating.


I introduced the order of skin care, but how was it? No matter how busy you are, you want to realize that the skin care you do every day works well. It is also important to choose the skin care item that suits you. Let’s aim for beautiful skin in the right order.