What’s The Ideal Time To Have Your Morning Coffee?

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Many people begin their day by drinking coffee. Some individuals rely on it to function properly. However, since coffee is quite acidic, it may not be the best choice to have it before breakfast. Discover the ideal time to drink your morning coffee.

Empty Stomach

According to nutrition experts, drinking coffee on an empty stomach is generally okay for most people, unless they have a sensitive stomach. However, some individuals may experience nausea or acid reflux if they are sensitive to coffee. In such cases, it is better to have something to eat before consuming coffee.

Different people can react differently to caffeine. Some may feel anxious or jittery, especially when they drink coffee without having eaten anything. These individuals can benefit from having their coffee with breakfast to lessen the impact of caffeine. The speed at which our bodies process caffeine varies from person to person, so the best time to drink coffee depends on how it affects you personally.

If you find that drinking coffee on an empty stomach bothers you, it’s recommended to have it with some food. On the other hand, if you don’t experience any stomach issues when consuming coffee before breakfast, there is no harm in doing so.

Time Of Day

There’s a better time to have your daily caffeine fix, and it’s not right after you wake up. When you wake up, your body naturally produces a hormone called cortisol that gives you energy. If you wait a couple of hours after waking up before having your first cup of coffee, you’ll get more benefits from the caffeine. According to Well + Good, it’s best to wait for your cortisol levels to drop before drinking coffee to make the most of its effects. By following this advice, you can avoid feeling tired and groggy when you wake up and know exactly when to enjoy your first cup of coffee.


Source : Image : Unsplash