When Is The Best Time To Eat Breakfast In The Morning?

Although all meals are important, the timing of your breakfast can have an interesting impact on your health. Surprisingly, researchers discovered that people who ate their breakfast at a specific time of day actually lived longer.

Early Breakfast

Researchers at the City University of New York conducted a study to determine the best time to have breakfast. They asked over forty thousand Americans to keep track of their food intake for a certain period. After the study, the researchers compared the participants’ eating habits with their death rates to see if there were any significant differences. The findings showed that those who had breakfast at 7:11 am had a six percent lower risk of premature death compared to those who ate at 8 am.

On the other hand, people who had breakfast at 10 am had a twelve percent higher risk of early death, indicating that this was the most “unhealthy” time to eat breakfast.

Other Meals

If you want to eat your meals at the best times during the day, it’s recommended to have lunch between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm, preferably around 12:38 pm. For dinner, the ideal time would be between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm, specifically around 6:14 pm.

Although the research didn’t explain why these particular times are healthier, it’s worth giving it a shot if it could potentially increase your lifespan.


Source : Image : Unsplash