Who Misses Lock Screen Widgets?

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In the times of Jelly Bean, Android upheld lock screen gadgets. They weren’t the most progressive of things, yet on account of application engineers, we got some quite sweet climate application and clock gadgets onto the lock screen for our looking requirements. It was fun occasions, however as we’ve progressed and gotten further into Always On shows, lock screen gadgets have gone away.

Does anybody miss them?

Google Now gadget? Indeed, please!

What didn’t assist with the reception of these gadgets were OEMs like Samsung, obviously not aficionados of having what could be delicate data shared on a telephone’s lock screen. Out of the crate, on the Galaxy S4 for instance, these gadgets were debilitated yet could be applied with a couple of snaps within the settings menu. We really did an entire video on it. They likewise crippled lock screen gadgets at whatever point you had a PIN or Pattern set to open your gadget. What a pain!

Back in 2013, Kellen composed a long love letter to bolt screen gadgets. He was a hotshot fan, as it permitted him to rapidly get to capacities like Google’s melody acknowledgment and DashClock. I haven’t heard him talk about them since, so he can’t be excessively disheartened by their departure.

What say you, would you mind having lock screen gadgets return or are they better left back in the Nexus 4 days?

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