How Can You Tell If Tea Is Spoiled?

Tea When something in your fridge is no longer good to eat, you can easily tell by its smell and appearance. However, there are some food items that are not so obvious, like tea. It’s not as simple to know if it has gone bad or if it’s still okay to drink. But don’t worry, there’s a simple way to find out.

Smell, Taste And Color

Navdeep Kaur, the education director at Dona, a company that sells tea products, shared a simple way to check if your tea is still good or if it has gone bad. According to Kaur, bad tea doesn’t smell or taste as good as before and loses its color. This happens because the oils in the tea evaporate over time, making it less fragrant and flavorful. To make sure, you can boil some water and taste a little bit of the tea. It should have a strong flavor and not taste stale. If you have fresh tea leaves, you can compare their color with the older ones to see if there are any differences.

Kaur also explains that like any other perishable item, tea expires and loses its flavor over time. Green and white teas have a shorter shelf life compared to black, oolong, and pu’erh tea, which are partially or fully oxidized, roasted, or fermented.


Don’t worry if your tea has turned bad. You can still find other ways to make use of it! For example, you can use tea leaves as compost for your garden soil or to paint and dye fabric. Even if the tea has lost its taste and smell, you can sprinkle the leaves as toppings in soups or broths, or use them for skincare like a facial scrub or refreshing spray. There are so many creative things you can do with those tea leaves!


Source : Image : Unsplash