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Why It’s Not A Good Idea To Use Aluminum Foil For Storing Leftovers

Why It's Not A Good Idea To Use Aluminum Foil For Storing Leftovers

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If you have extra food but don’t have any Tupperware to keep it, using aluminum foil might seem like a good idea. Many restaurants also use foil to wrap leftovers. However, experts say that this could actually be bad for your food.


Oxygen is not good for your food. When there’s oxygen, bacteria can grow in your food. Even if you wrap your leftovers in aluminum foil, bacteria can still get in and make your lunch go bad. Oxygen and bacteria are the reasons your food spoils, which is what you wanted to prevent by using foil. So, what can you do instead?


Instead of using tin foil, you can use cling film or Tupperware as alternatives. Cling film helps keep bacteria away, while Tupperware is a good option too. Make sure to choose the right-sized container for your food to avoid any space for bacteria to grow. Another option is to use beeswax food wrappers, which are eco-friendly and keep your food fresh. Instead of using aluminum foil or plastic wrap, beeswax wrappers are a better choice for the environment.

If you’re not going to eat your leftovers right away, freezing them in a freezer bag or container is a great idea. This way, your leftovers can last for months, and you can enjoy them whenever you like.

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