The Drink For A Restful Sleep

If you’re struggling with sleep, you may have tried various methods to improve your rest. However, there’s a simple solution you may not be aware of: a specific drink that can enhance your sleep quality. Instead of relying on complex sleep routines, all you need is to enjoy some green tea at the appropriate time of day, and you’ll experience a peaceful night’s sleep akin to that of a baby.

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The Drink For A Restful Sleep

Micheal Breus, a renowned sleep specialist and clinical psychologist known as “The Sleep Doctor,” suggests that green tea can improve your sleep quality. In an interview with Well + Good, he explained that drinking green tea during the day, rather than at night, can be beneficial for reducing fatigue and enhancing sleep. The reason behind this is a component found in green tea called L-theanine, which helps relax the brain by reducing stress hormones and neuron activity.


If you have your green tea a few hours before bedtime, you won’t feel the usual caffeine boost that comes with drinking it. However, the type of green tea you choose does make a difference. According to Breus, it’s important to opt for a green tea with lower caffeine levels, if available. Certain green tea blends, especially matcha, can contain high amounts of caffeine. Drinking such teas late at night might keep you awake instead of helping you sleep.


So, what’s the secret to falling asleep quickly? According to Breus, a substance called L-theanine can help you relax by affecting your brain. He explains that L-theanine boosts serotonin and dopamine levels, which can speed up the process of falling asleep. But drinking green tea doesn’t just improve your sleep; it may also make your brain healthier. Breus says, “L-theanine can reduce chemicals in the brain that cause stress and anxiety… This means L-theanine could protect brain cells from stress and damage as you age.” So, it’s a good idea to stock up on green tea and enjoy its benefits tonight!

It’s time to get some green tea and enjoy the benefits of better sleep tonight!


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